saturday afternoon skywatching

Last (hot) Saturday (hot) afternoon, I watched as this happened to my sky >>>

Partially shredded cottonwool  balls began to gather from the west.

and were joined by a few from the north.

The darkening of these clouds was a very welcome sight. Rain was on its way.

Soon there was no blue sky to be seen.

Then....this >>>>

Googled image.
I did have a 20 second video from my camera, of rain falling in the driveway, which I took while sitting on my front porch, hoping the camera wouldn't get wet, but it wouldn't upload to the blog. Hmpf!
One of these days, I'll work it out.........


  1. Beautiful sky shots.

  2. They are gorgeous shots. And when you work out how to upload video, let me know.

  3. I haven't figured out how to upload my photos yet so a video is maybe years away.

    I do love rain after the heat.

  4. Bonza photos. A good downpour after a stinking hot day is so refreshing :-).

  5. Delores; thank you.

    EC; will do.

    JahTeh; photos are easy, I'll send you an instructional email.

    Windsmoke; I like a good downpour any old time, but after a stinking hot day it's more than welcome.

  6. Love the rain after such heat.

  7. Jayne; summer rain is always welcome. I love how the earth smells when those first fat drops hit the hot soil.

  8. I upload videos to youtube then embed them in my blog.
    Love those fluffy clouds!

  9. Fenstar; I'd do that too, if only I could work out how to upload to youtube!


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