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What is the difference between pancakes, flapjacks and griddle cakes?
Is it the ingredients?
Aren't they all the same thing just cooked on a different surface?
Like in a frying pan or on a flat hotplate surface such as you'd see on a barbecue or in a hamburger shop?

Why do my favourite products disappear from the supermarket shelves? 
For years I've been using Huggie Ultra Concentrate fabric softener in the vanilla and lavender fragrance. I buy this in bulk when it's on special, usually a dozen bottles at a time.
Now I have only one bottle left, so I've been looking for it in 3 different supermarkets and it just isn't there. In fact there's no Huggie of any fragrance!
Plenty of Comfort and Huggie.
I've had a sniff at all the fancy new fragrances and to my nose they are awful!! There's no way I'd want a hint of those in my freshly washed towels or t-shirts.
Also, the "sunshine fresh" fragrance smells nothing like clothes that have been line dried in the sunshine!
I'm going to have to email the Huggie company and see what's going on.

Why do people insist on poncy sayings such as "beg to differ"?
What's wrong with simply saying "I disagree" or "I don't agree"? 
Huh? Anyone got any ideas on this?

Why does the sun shine in and highlight the dust on the furniture on the same day that you've decided not to do any cleaning?

On a more cheerful note...I've been given permission to have an awning installed over the front window!
I have an "Anthony" coming out next Friday to measure and quote me a price.


  1. Yay for Anthony and the awning...hip hip....
    Heck, the sun seems to highlight dust even when I HAVE dusted.
    We can't get our Ziggies thin crust pizza shells anymore.
    There is a difference in the recipe for pancakes and waffles so maybe there is a difference betwen pancakes, flapjacks and griddle cakes.

  2. I beg to differ mybabyjohn/Delores... Sorry. I could NOT resist. I'm not a kind person. Oh. Right. I know that pancakes and flapjacks are the same thing and my grandma called pancakes griddlecakes. So.

    Unless, of course, I'm wrong.

    Not sure about the Huggies thing. I use dryer sheets.

    I think people suppose that "beg to differ" sounds less aggressive? FEH.

    YAY. An Awning.

    You dust things? What a thought... Wait. Gotta go saddle me one of my dust rhinos...

  3. Well Jeanette....not to put too fine a point on it...I beg to differ as well....(this is fun)
    The traditional British flapjack is composed of corn syrup, unsalted butter and porridge oats.
    The griddle cake is a confection of flour/sugar/salt/baking powder/cinnamon/eggs/milk/corn syrup/butter and vanilla and it is iced.
    The pancake is a lowly creation of flour/sugar/baking powder/badking soda/salt/milk/egg and oil.

  4. Oh, GOOD, the awning will help a lot!

    And I can't get my favourite brand of milk in a one litre paper carton. I don't like the taste of milk in plastic (yes, there IS a difference) and it annoys me no end that I can get Favourite Brand in paper if I want skim or calcium-plus or lactose-free, but I can't get plain ol' full-cream!

  5. The awning will bring instant relief. Doncha hate it when your fav brand product suddenly disappears from the shelves?! I know I do!

  6. Oh snap on the disappearance of favourite brands.
    The awning is a big win though. It should make your home sooooo much more comfortable on hot days. Yay.

  7. Delores; let's agree then that dusting is a waste of time. Have you thought about emailing the pizza crust company to find out why? I knew waffles were different, that's why I didn't include them. Yay for Anthony!

    JeanetteLS; saddle-broken dust rhinos? Wow!
    "beg to differ" just sounds so very snobbish, like someone is trying to prove they're better educated than me. To which I say, pfft!
    I don't use dryer sheets because I rarely use a dryer, I like the sunshiny fresh air smell of line-dried clothes and sheets.
    I dust things at least every couple of weeks or so, more usually I do it every Sunday. I try to keep the level down because of my asthma, which is only mild, but still a nuisance.

    Delores; hello again. We're getting into interesting territory here. the British flapjacks appear to be the same as the Scottish oatcakes, griddlecakes are a like a proper cake but cooked on a griddle instead of in the oven? Are they cooked in a cake tin? Your lowly pancake has a lot more ingredients than mine. My mix is flour eggs and milk, whisked together with a balloon whisk, fried in a frying pan, then served hot with whatever topping you choose. I usually have maple syrup and a tiny dob of butter, or sugar and lemon juice, squeezed straight from the lemon.

    Toni; the awning will make a huge difference. People don't believe me when I say plastic adds something to the taste of milk, but it really does. I remember years ago, sending my daughter on a zoo excursion with the school, she took milk in a Tupperware container to drink with her lunch, but couldn't drink it, saying it was sour. Her teacher drank it instead and said, it's just the plastic taste. Is the calcium-plus a full cream? it may be an acceptable substitute, but I agree it's very annoying when you have to buy a larger size because the smaller one is discontinued. Email the company.

    Kimmie; I most certainly do hate it. I'm quite fussy and once I find something I like the smell or taste of, or something thta doesn't irritate my skin, I'd like to be able to use it forever. When my favourite bath soap disappeared it took me 5 years to find an acceptable alternative that didn't make me itch. I still haven't found a new perfume.....

    EC; so many things just disappear never to be seen again. It's like there's a Bermuda Triangle for unpopular products.
    I can't wait to be able to pull down an awning and shut out the sun.

  8. You have a good landlord that is willing to foot the bill for an awning :-).

  9. I use Cuddly 'White Lavender' concentrate and it's just right, not too much fragrance.
    Recipe for washing Nephew's clothes, Earth Choice liquid, capful of napisan (large capful) and White Lavender. I still can't believe the grease layer in the sink after using these but his clothes are clean.

  10. Windsmoke; I have to pay for the awning myself. Not a big problem now that my rent is so much lower than it used to be I've been able to save a little here and there. Hopefully I've saved enough for the cheapest awning option available.

    JahTeh; I'll try the Cuddly brand, but what I really liked about the Huggie was the hint of vanilla.
    Wouldn't it be easier to chuck his clothes in the washing machine?

  11. Perhaps you should ask your employer, as they generally decide what goes on the shelves and what doesn't. Ten years ago, or was it fifteen, Comfort was the only brand, and then arrived competitors such as Huggie and Cuddly and they drove the price down. I suppose there is a no name product now too.

    Unless you have taken up a position of a mechanic and get extra dirty, halve the soap,a couple of teaspoons of bi carb and two tablespoons of white vinegar in the rinse water. I just heard that today and I am going to try it.

  12. Andrew; asking the boss doesn't usually have much effect, many times I've passed on customer questions or requests only to have no result. I've emailed the manufacturer. I already use the absolute minimum of soap powder, for a full load I use a tablespoon of powder and just a couple of teaspoons of fabric softener concentrate. A mix of bi-carb and vinegar smells like vomit to me, so that's definitely out!

  13. River, of course they go in the machine,(I know you were joking)hand washing is only for my antique linen table runners.
    The layer of grease just comes straight from his work clothes in the last rinse, long live Napisan ultra.

  14. These are all dilemmas that will keep me awake at night ...

    But I'm sure the pancake/flapjack/griddle cake thing is just a merchandising one-upmanship ploy.

    Of course others might beg to differ!!!!!

  15. JahTeh; you must be the last person on earth to have table runners, and antique ones at that!
    I forgot he's a mechanic, the grease must be awful to still be present in the final rinse.

    Red Nomad; oh dear! I had no idea I would be keeping people awake pondering their morning pan/flap/griddle cakes.

  16. Funny! Here in the states flapjacks, pancakes and griddle cakes are all used to describe the same things! I learned something. I hate that.

    I cannot stand to reach over my head long enough to hang clothes up.I miss the smell, though. (And I DO dust to keep the rhinos at bay, yes.)

    And i am with you 100% about the "beg to differ" thing. My hackles raise whenever someone says that. What IS a hackle?

  17. I was only kidding about staying awake ...

    I've just heard that a tablespoon of Epsom salts (mixed with a little water if you need liquid in your machine) is a fine substitute for fabric conditioner. I'm going to try that next as I loathe the smell of most softeners!!


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