which TV ads annoy you the most?

I don't pay a lot of attention to television advertisements, using that time to make a cuppa, take out some garbage, work on my crossword puzzle........but when I hear something that makes me look up at the screen, I'll take notice. For instance the dance beat on the Dodo "there's no limit" ad has me watching it, I love that little cartoon bird dancing!

Some weeks ago, I heard an annoying "aaaah!" and then again "aaaah!", once more "aaaah!"....well I looked up to see what that annoying sound was and saw that it was an insurance advertisement.
Now, I don't mind most insurance advertisements, I can ignore them just like I do most other ads, but the voice tones on those aaaah's really irritated me. (The ad is for Allianz insurance).
As soon as I hear the first aaah now, I mute the TV.

Another ad that irritates the heck out of me is the Quibids one. Have you all seen it? The ad itself isn't so bad, it's for insurance and everybody needs insurance, but the girl's accent  drives me bananas.  I've never heard anything like it. Is it a true accent and if so, where is it from? Or is she just trying to sound like someone from somewhere else? Is she Australian or English trying to sound American? Is she American trying to sound Australian?
I don't know the answers to these questions and I really don't care, I just find it annoying and push that mute button again.

There have been times when a particular advertisement has been played at every single ad break (sometimes twice), during a show or movie and if it's an ad that annoys me, I'll either switch channels and watch something else just to get away from it, or I'll give up on the TV altogether and watch a dvd instead.

Do you have an advertisement that causes you to make your own aaah! then rushing to push that mute button on your remote control unit?


  1. There's an American commercial I love. Guy has girl over for dinner, serves soup with big potato chunks. Guy is on knee with engagement ring. Girl keeps spooning soup, saying big chunks of potato. Guy gives up, sits down. Girl sees ring. "What's that?" "Big chunk of potato."

  2. Advertisments are an attack: an assault on you, but you don't realise it. The agencies employ forensic psychologists, the best in the world, to influence your behaviour. The adverts either amuse or threaten; they rarely give straight information. Repetition is basic, wearing a rut into your brain. Extreme adverts, peddled by these criminals, aim to irritate you. Exposure non-stop over just a few minutes could make you physically sick -vomit.

  3. Jennifer Hudson screeching her lungs out for Jenny Craig and that ridiculous add where the father tells the kid he was afraid they would have to eat the rice pilaf forever (I think the ad is for potato wedges). He's an ass.

  4. There are so many ads for which I hit mute it is hard to keep track of them. Oh. Yes. The newer ads for some sort of toilet paper. A group of women are standing there very seriously and we are told it's time to have a serious discussion about something we never discuss. Whether or not our toilet paper REALLY gets us clean. EXCUSE ME? Mute.

    And the other I find ridiculous is the commercials for one of the E. Dysfunction drugs. SO you can always be ready when SHE is. Men supposedly oh, maybe 50 years old. Good looking with lovely wives. They are somewhere looking dreamy eyed, cut to voice over explaining and... they ALWAYS wind up in two bathtubs in the middle of some romantic place, holding hands across the space between them.

    Really? Separate bathtubs in a rain forest?

    Sorry. I could go on for many scrolls but I won't. I hate commercials. With some exceptions, but those are few and far between.

  5. Ads for products for older people. The actors can only just be described as older. Whack on a pair of large expensive glasses and they automatically look older. The hair is always perfect, their house is nice but clearly an older person's furnishings. Another is an ad for ANZ Bank. The man is an Aussie but he speaks with an American accent.

  6. I read a book during the ads especially for Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and Lite'Easy. They just make me want to grab an ice-cream.

    Lordy I see what Elephant's Child meant about the double words to prove I'm not a robot. Now I have something else to hate.

  7. I'm with you on the repetition. I can put up with most ads until they're played more than once in the same show - or worse, in the same slot.

    And have you noticed how ambiguous feminine hygiene product ads are? Until the (well wrapped up) product is shown, the ad could be for almost anything!!

  8. All of them. And I am very, very tired of bra ads. And life insurance/funeral insurance/car insurance.

  9. Joanne; that is funny1

    R.H. I knew all that.

    Delores; I haven't seen those. Out here we have Mel B, former Spice Girl touting the fantasticness that is Jenny Craig.

    JeanetteLS; the first is an ad for flushable wipes I think, I haven't seen the other one. Those are usually on in the wee hours of the morning here and I'm sound asleep then.

    Andrew; I haven't seen any older people ads, not that I've noticed anyway. Bank ads get ignored completely.

    JahTeh; weight loss ads don't make me want to join any of the programs, they just make me think I should eat more fruit.
    I haven't seen the two word verification thing yet.

    Red Nomad; repetition is practically guaranteed to make me reach for the remote. Feminine hygiene products? Ha Ha, remember the one where the young man finds the libra with wings and sticks them all over himself for super-hero role playing while the girl is off collecting her dad from the airport? That's funny.

    EC; the new ad for Target's bra fitting service makes me think that maybe someone read my Genie bra post and decided women should be talked into getting properly fitted.

  10. Hi River,

    I feel a blog post coming on. There are loads of totally and utterly annoying adverts in the UK that, thankfully, you will have been spared Down Under.

    Look up "Go Compare" on You Tube to see an example.




  11. No. You didn't know all that.

  12. You knew all that?

    Oh my gosh.


  13. Budget love! Cannot stand those two weirdos. Any ads during the day also bother me (weight loss, life insurance, funeral stuff yaaaawn)

  14. Plasman; Go Compare - youtube - got it.

    R.H. no apology necessary. I often surprise people with how much I know. Sometimes I surprise them with how much I don't know.

    Fenstar; oh yes! the wight loss ones! Especially those awful ab-circle-pro thingies.

  15. All those dumb Quibids ads with that stupid girl with the stupid hair putting her hands on her hips and says "Every DAAAAAY." MUTE. And that dumbass drum beating in the background. MUTE

    That stupid Geico pig commercial. WHEEEEEE!!! MUTE

    That REALLY DUMBASS catheter commercial. "You're good to go. Everybody is going to want one." Oh yeah? NOT ME. MUTE

    Any commercial that screams at me.

  16. Personally, I can't stand the adverts for "Funeral Insurance". Personally I wouldn't mind if my wife and daughter decided to dump me in a canal once I've gone, and I'm fairly sure that even if I wanted more than this, it's possible to get it for less than the "£7000" quoted. Horrible, and playing on people's misguided fears of "not going to heaven if you don't have a good funerals" or somesuch.


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