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This afternoon I was visited by Don, (I guess "Anthony" was occupied elsewhere), to measure my window and give me a quote on the cost of the awning and the installation.

We introduced ourselves and I put my hand out to shake, which Don clearly wasn't expecting.
His handshake was a bit weak, as if he hadn't had nearly enough practice.
Maybe I should have told him his handshake could use a little more firmness?
I've noticed not many people do handshakes anymore.
And just when I was getting used to it too. I'm not a touchy/feely type and usually avoid physical contact from strangers.
(I've only ever been comfortable with L touching me. And my kids, which is an entirely different thing).

Back on topic....Don measured the window, then we sat down to discuss awning colours and whether or not I'd like a scalloped edge. Yes, of course, all the other awnings in the complex have scalloped edges.
Although they all have plain colours and I've chosen a stripe, for enhanced street appeal, also for ID. Now I'll just have to say look for the striped awning....

This is the window to be covered. (Awned?) You can see it has that little "eyelash" fixed awning, and you can see just how much of the window that eyelash doesn't shade.
Way too much heat coming inside via the heated glass, even with the inside blinds drawn all the way down.  So in the winter as well, there will be too much cold coming in....hence the awning.
Also, my inside blinds, bought off the shelf, don't quite cover the window. There's a small gap either side, so I'll be having my curtains up too as soon as I get the rod holders screwed in place.

The brickwork (they're actually cinder blocks), looks grey here, but it's actually a very pale green, of the shade that used to be called spearmint way back in the 60's. Windowsills and the bottom two courses of bricks are a terracotta shade.
I've chosen a federation green awning with a terracotta stripe that has thin cream stripes in it.
Cost? Well within my budget, since the company I chose was having a 40% off sale. Yay me!

I paid the deposit and got a receipt, the awning will be installed in 3-4 weeks time.
As soon as the awning is up, I'll post a photo.


  1. Terrific!!! no more sunbathing in the window though.

  2. Interesting that significant trouble was gone to to install the existing awnings, but it is obvious that needed to be angled.

  3. Delores; sunbathing is not something I do, I get enough tan just walking to and from the bus stop. I certainly wouldn't sunbathe in the window, the heat is too fierce.

    Andrew; I'm guessing the existing awnings were installed at the time of building and they are angled, just too small to do a proper job.

  4. Scalloped awnings -- looking forward to the picture.

  5. And that was R.H. Having enormous trouble with this new posting arrangement.

  6. Sorry, comment didn't post after all.

  7. My windows got egged during my early weeks at the Housing Commission. At first I thought it was just a traditional welcome but found out it was because I'd started a little flower garden at the front.

    Watch out: Never do anything setting you apart from the other chums.


  8. Zounds but I wouldst do the same: embrace your hand like it were a delicate little bird.

    Art thou not dainty?


  9. The awning should make all the difference, River, you'll notice a huge improvement and yay on the 40% off sale!

    Love Praying Mantis', they have so much character :)

  10. Very cool (you hope) and I'm glad it was within budget. Awnings make such a difference.

  11. Some people think you catch nasty germs off the other persons hand during a handshake :-).

  12. I've lived in a few cinder block units and find them way hotter than bricks. The more shading the better.

  13. EC; I'll be very pleased once it's up.

    R.H. do I have the new two word verification thing? Bugger! You'll need a bright light and a magnifying glass.
    I'm sorry to hear about your window egging. I've had no trouble here at all.

    Lord Rochester; I'm not at all dainty. Sturdy and capable, that's me.

    Jayne; I hope it makes a LOT of difference. Praying Mantis' are one of my favourites.

    Fenstar; REAL cool will come around in July, meanwhile the awning should stop heat transference through the glass.

    Windsmoke; that's why handwashing is important. And hand sanitiser. Carry it everywhere.

    Tempo; I'd heard cinder blocks were cooler, because they're so thick, and have to admit the inside isn't too bad if I keep the place completely closed, except for near the window. The awning will be the only shade I have, there are no plantings near enough to provide shade.

  14. Pardon me, my eyes are good but there's no button now for sending a comment. I've resorted to using firefox, there are problems with that too but it does have a "publish your comment" button.

  15. Never mind, I'm down to commenting on two blogs now.

    Public intellectual.

  16. Capable?


    Me too!!!

    As the sparrow chirps
    so I live.
    As the Robin sings
    so I dream.
    As the eagle soars
    so I fly

    To you.


  17. This is very strange that you are renting but able to make changes to the place? You must have either a really great landlord or very different laws there than here. Here, most places, you can't even nail up a picture.

  18. R.H. what? no button? It must be there....I'm still getting comments.

    Lord Rochester; Independence and capability are much valued.

    Happy Elf Mom; it's Housing Commission flats. Government subsidised, cheap rent, nothing fancy. I think over there you'd call it public housing? All additions or alterations must be applied for (there's a form to fill out) and approved before they can go ahead. The catch is that if you move out, all repairs, (nail holes, anything broken) must be carried out at your own cost. Many private rental homes have the same deal, but there are a few that don't let you do anything to the property.

  19. I think they're goverment owned, not subsidised. Your rent depends on your income. If you're fully employed you pay full rent, which is still low compared to private rental; I paid full rent most of the time I was there. During my final year I moved into one of their new units in Highett, a beautiful place: little front and back yards, carport and all. It was dazzling, too modern, first time I'd ever used a range hood.

    River the comment section won't scroll down far enough to show the buttons. It ends just beneath where the two words are typed in the box. That's the case with internet explorer. Firefox does show the buttons but there are other problems with it, I have to type the blogs I want into google every time.
    There'll be a remedy but I'm unlikely to find it. Us poets are prohibited from being Mr Fixits anyway; there's a hefty fine, plus six months suspension from the Dancing Dog Cafe.

  20. R.H. you're right, Government owned not subsidised, I knew what I meant, but got the words wrong. Senior moment....I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with IE, I've found that sometimes refreshing the page helps things load more fully, or if things are taking too long to load, I'll go and wash the dishes and the page I'm waiting for loads while I'm away. Dancing Dog Cafe?


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