the skirt challenge

Years ago, I bought a skirt that was so breezy and comfortable, I wanted to wear it forever.

I did wear it for about five years, then in 2004 or 2005, the kilos started piling on and the skirt was put away in a drawer until I lost the weight again.

Well, the weight loss didn't happen. In fact I just kept expanding and buying ever larger jeans and shorts and t-shirts.

This year, I'm making a more determined effort.

The skirt.
Knee length and comfortably loose around my waist.
Well, it used to be.
And I'm hoping it will be again.

The challenge.
See what I'm up against?
Years of chocolates and pastries and second helpings.
With gravy. And mashed potatoes.
Let's not mention the icecream, since I only discovered a brand that I could eat without digestive upset a couple of summers ago.


  1. Couldn't you just sew a couple of side panels in it? lol

  2. Good luck. Something I need to do as well.

  3. Ahh. As the kids say, "I feel you".

    I've cut out pastries by pretending that I can't afford them anymore.

    Which, in a way, I guess I can't.

    Good luck, and keep us posted!


  4. An awesome goal River! I can't wait to see you wearing it..out in public without the ribbon! :)

  5. Oh, dear. You can do it! Let us know. I kept track of what I ate. It worked. For such a pretty skirt you can figure a way to do it.

  6. Keep going you can do it because you have a goal to reach :-).

  7. Hi River, to keep weight under control is a life style. The easiest rule is have 5 meals, each anything you fancy but each meal the serving size is only the size of your hand. Fruit has lots of sugar so not helpful when trying to lose weight, try to have only 3 pieces a day. Carrot and celery sticks are better choice if you need a snack, or at least have something sour like green apples or grapfruit, less sugar.

  8. Delores; no, that would ruin the skirt.

    EC; start today. I wish you luck.

    Pearl; I haven't completely cut out pastries, just 99% of them.

    Christine; Yes, it can be done...but I'll be doing it slowly.

    Jennifer Kay; I can't wait to wear it again. I still remember how breezy and cool the fabric feels.

    Joanne; my method is much smaller portion sizes, limited sweet things, dessert only one day a week. No snacking between meals.

    Windsmoke; and I will reach that goal.

    drb; yes, a new lifestyle of eating much less of regular foods and much, much less of sweet stuff. I eat two pieces of fruit a day unless it's grapes, because two grapes are just not worth opening the fridge for.
    Grapefruit? nonononononono!! Hate the grapefruit! I'm not concerned about the sugar in fruit, I think the vitamins, minerals and fibre content balances the scales there.

  9. I want to wish you well and yet also admit that it might not mean much coming from me, typing this with sticky fingers after a 'breakfast' of gingerbread and honey!~

  10. Kath; I had my own sticky fingers this morning after a breakfast of pancakes with butter and maple syrup. I made them smaller than usual and only had two, in keeping with my smaller portions program.

  11. A serving is the size of your hand.
    Thus, a fistful of grapes is a serving.

  12. See? Even digestive upsets have their place!! It'd be easier if all the bad stuff made us feel ill instead of tasting so good!!!!

  13. If that's you in the second pic, I don't think I'd be too worried!

  14. drb; thanks. I already know how big is a serving. I even got out the scales to see how much cereal is in the recommended 30g serving. Not much at all, certainly much less than i've been having.

    Red Nomad; yes, they do. Unfortunately many types of lettuce have the same effect. I can only eat cos and baby cos.

    Baino; yes, that's me. Try to picture that with the skirt done up and hanging a little loose in the waist. That's the me I want to be. Again. Mostly, I'm concerned for my hips and knees, losing the spare tyres has to help take the strin off them.


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