I'm going to try this one more time

Ha Ha!!
 Happy Dance, Happy Dance.....a few minutes of last Saturday's rain.
Or was it the Saturday before that?
 Yeah, that was it.
Gosh I hope it plays.....


  1. It plays...success.....

  2. I too have forgotten what rain looks like, after two weeks and none in sight. It's good to be reminded, River. Thanks.

  3. Is rain rare where you live or were you just testing out your video skills? ;)

  4. Hi River,

    We have had rain ALL DAY here. I've just come back from a gigi in Manchester - and it was peeing down on the way there at least.

    I'll have to video a Manchester shower - they are common enough.




  5. Yep, it plays fine, well done :-).

  6. Delores; I'm grinning quite insanely here, I'm so happy it plays!

    Elisabeth; as I type this, it's raining again. We're having a wet February.

    Jennifer Kay; Australia is a fairly dry country, with South Australia being the driest state, we have winter rain, but not often summer rain.
    I was testing the video skills, I still haven't got the hang of stopping the recording before moving the camera, that's why the blurred bit at the end.

    Plasman; it's raining again here right now. According to news sources, we had more rain in one day last week, than we usually get in the whole of February.

    Windsmoke; I was determined to work it out.

  7. I love the rain, the sounds, the smells and the clean freshness after it stops. We could do with a bit more of it up this way though..

  8. Tempo; we're getting plenty down here. I love the smells too.

  9. Well done, River.

    ...I don't know how to do that yet.....

    And even though it's minus seven here, we haven't had rain for weeks and weeks!

  10. Kath Lockett; the trick is to remember to use the "add video" (film clapboard) icon instead of the "add photo" icon on the new post window. It helps if the video clips are quite short. This one was about 20 seconds (24.1MB). Do you know how to make short videos with your camera?
    I'm going to try this again later in the week and see if I can show the bikers toy run clip that I've failed with before.

    It's too cold for rain where you are, the drops are freezing as soon as they leave the clouds!

  11. Hi River, I upload my video to YouTube as private footage then simply link it to my blog or FB account when I want to use it. Most web sites are already set up to use YouTube videos and this makes it much easier and of course...free

  12. Ahhhh rain!!! I love the sound of it on a tin roof and the smell of its coming. Thanks for this.

  13. Tempo; I've yet to work out how to upload to youtube, perhaps you could give me a hint here?

    Christine; I love the smell of rain coming too. I haven't heard rain on a tin roof for such a long time, quite possibly since before I married.


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