whimsical wednesday # 11

Here we are with yet another Whimsical Wednesday.

We all know by now that the images I use here are via google, so I won't mention it again.

A Banana Dolphin.


  1. With regard to your comment back to me yesterday, "BRAT."

    And I LOVE this image.

    Would you consider going back into old format and ditching Word Verification? I wouldn't miss your blog when I'm browsing for anything, but sometimes it takes me five tries!

  2. Banana dolphin....so cute.

  3. JeanetteLS; Ditch WV? I'm not sure if I remember how, but I'll give it a try.

    Delores; Bananas and Dolphins are some of my favourite things.

  4. I had a most pleasant experience a few years back on the Queenscliffe to Sorrento ferry when i just happen to look over the side and lo and behold there they where mum, dad and baby dolphin swimming along side all the way to Sorrento that really made my day :-).

  5. Windsmoke; oh, I wish I'd seen that. I often see dolphins in our Port River and if they notice you watching sometimes they'll start playing. Last time I was up that way, I didn't have a camera, so when I go again I'll definitely be taking photos.

    EC; Isn't it just?


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