Sunday Selections #56

Edited to add:  This was supposed to go up tomorrow morning at 8:05am, but here it is at 8:20pm on Saturday...

It's Sunday Selections time again!
Time to post photos that have been languishing in your files, just waiting for their chance to shine.
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This week, I take you back to Adelaide's Central Market.
Specifically, the Coffee Stall.

Called The Grind @central, it sells a wide range of different coffee beans, also coffee pots, mugs and other accessories. You can take the beans as they come, or The Grind will grind them for you.
I love walking past when beans are grinding, the aroma is one of the best on earth to your specifications.

This would be my flavour choice if I had a coffee maker.

I thought I had more photos of the coffees....

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  1. Wow. I can no longer drink coffee, but agree with you about its enticing smell. There used to be a shop in Newtown (Sydney) which sold coffee beans and hand made chocolate. Joy and bliss.
    I'll put my Sunday Selections up tomorrow some time.

  2. The smell is sometimes the best part of coffee!
    I've bought it from there before but haven't been to the markets in a while. I spent too much money!

  3. I love the smell of coffee but have given up on coffee in restaurants. It just doesn't taste right.

  4. I am a dark espresso girl myself :)

    Love the smell of coffee beans, but I can't think that I have ever been into a coffee shop. As for tea shops! LOVE to spend a lazy or hour two in one of those :D

    Love those big, bright coffee cups, perfect for starting the day with!

  5. my mouth is watering at the thought!

  6. EC; that's sad that you can't drink coffee. On the other hand...handmade chocolates? Yummo! Did they make coffee creams I wonder? They're my favourite. Swiss Glory used to make coffee creams,in a little log shape about an inch and a half long, buttery in texture, (because Swiss Glory uses real butter), it was a fairly strong flavoured little treat coated in milk chocolate.

    Sarah; I find the aroma is often the best part of anything.

    Delores; that's a shame. Maybe you could send a message to the kitchen and ask what type of coffee they're using and who is their supplier? If enough people voice their dissatisfaction things could change for the better.

    Kath Lockett; it's a powerful aroma, the roasting and the grinding.....

    Windsmoke; for sure. And sometimes the taste matches the aroma and you find yourself in coffee heaven.

    permanently amanda; you need to visit a coffee shop and smell the beans! I understand about the tea shops, it's another favourite aroma of mine. Sadly, the coffee I drink most is a cheap instant...

    Toni; hie thee to the kitchen, wench! Make a cuppa java!

  7. You don't need a coffee maker River, all you need is a plunger (french press) and all that lovely coffee is yours. I just have a little $20 french press I bought on eBay and it is fine for me.

  8. A plunger? I'll keep that in mind. Thanks Kim. I'll be reinstating my savings program once the awning is paid for, so I'll add a plunger to my "want" list.

  9. Hmm, I can almost smell the aroma of the coffee...

  10. I think the Grind will actually sell you a plunger if you ask nicely ...

    One of the first posts I read on your blog was a WONDERFUL description of your first coffee of the morning!! Glad to see your addiction is alive and well!!

  11. Tempo; intoxicating isn't it?

    Red Nomad; they do sell them, along with other types of pots and accessories. They're just out of my budget right now.

  12. What a great looking and, no doubt, great smelling place. We have one of those fancy coffee makers that grinds the beans first and then magic happens and coffee pours into the cups, with a nice and creamy layer. Yum. We buy beans at a wholesale store. When we've been there the entire car smells off fresh coffee. Very nice ;-)

  13. I miss our coffee maker which I accidentally dropped on the floor a few months ago. Still saving for a new one.

  14. I use a one-cup expresso pot (2nd photo, top shelf). I've currently got four of them, mostly from the Sunday markets. Tell me which post office to send it to and I'll mail you one.

  15. Carolina; one of my daughters has one of those machines. She uses it to make hot chocolate too.

    Joni Llanora; oh, that's a shame! I hope you get a new one this year.

    R.H. thanks for the offer, but I don't drink expresso. I did have one of those pots years ago and found I almost never used it. I gave it to my sister in law.

  16. Well it's called expresso but so what, it just forces water through coffee grounds, I think they all do that. My daughter paid hundreds for a gleaming thing that chews power and delivers a result no different to my funky little five dollar job.

  17. R.H. you're right, they all do a similar thing. I think the main difference is the type of beans used. Expresso is supposed to be a strong coffee, in a very small cup, something that gives you an instant boost. It's supposed to be drunk black.

  18. There's no law dictating what sort of beans you use. And if you don't want it strong and black put milk with it for goodness sake. That's what I do.


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