week two....

Week two of no snacking finds me roaming the kitchen, opening the fridge, the freezer, every single cupboard, searching for snacks that I know I don't have, because I haven't bought any.

oh, woe is me, life is so hard.....

Just kidding, I know my life is easy.


  1. Poor girl....have a bag of carrot and celery sticks handy...I know it's not the same but it helps a bit.

  2. Poor hungry girl.... Advocado might help too.

  3. When i lost my 30 kilos i only snacked on fruit like apples, oranges, pears, kiwi fruit etc but in moderation, give it a try it may help :-).

  4. And the last of the peaches and nectarines are in the stores still. You are going so well.

  5. Carrots and celery are great. As my youngest grandson observed, you have the chew them a long time.

  6. LOL, you sound just like me... I'll be in your town next week on the Friday, I promise to feel sorry for you all having to put up with that damnable car racing as I sit there for hours in the traffic jams...

  7. Delores; I had these handy, but put them in the spaghetti sauce and forgot to buy more.

    Christine; I can't yet eat avocado on its own, still getting used to the taste and texture of it.

    Windsmoke; I had grapes, watermelon and nectarines, but they're all gone now. I'll be shopping for more tomorrow.

    EC; yes, they're in the stores, but not in my fridge...yet

    Joanne; carrots are one of the few vegetables that are actually better for you when cooked. Celery is great filled with peanut butter.

    Tempo; are you coming just for the races? I'll be sitting in the traffic jams too, but I'll be on buses getting to and from work. Except on the Friday, I don't work Fridays.

  8. No snacking!

    Waves of admiration from Mpls to you!!


  9. Pearl; apart from odd moments prowling the kitchen it isn't too bad. I'm not hungry, it's the mouth, wanting to be nibbling as it's been doing for the past 8 years.

  10. No River, I'm coming down for a funeral and though I was planning a visit to the markets after your reminder a few weeks ago I now plan to stay well away from the city center now it coincides with that race...

  11. ......it was times like you're experiencing right now that would find me opening up the tin of drinking chocolate and heaping spoonfuls into my mouth.

    ..which was OK unless I breathed in instead of swallowed and end up on the floor in a coughing fit!

  12. Kath Lockett; I've been shopping and now have a fridge full of fruit again, but yesterday's heat has left me with a headache that I know from experience can only be fixed by a hot, sweet coffee and some chocolate. I didn't buy chocolate....and it's too hot again today for a hot coffee. I may have to have the coffee anyway then stand under a cool shower.
    I'm imagining you now, rolling around on the floor coughing and spewing out clouds of drinking chocolate, much like a volcano.


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