whimsical wednesday #9

Welcome to another Whimsical Wednesday.

I remind you that these images do not belong to me, I didn't create them, although I wish I had...
They have been found via google images.

Feel free to join in with whimsical images of your own choosing.......any Wednesday....there are no rules.


  1. I find myself really looking forward to your Whimsical Wednesdays. That is an absolute beauty. Thank you.

  2. Delores; babies are always cute.

    Andrew; whoever does these is very clever.

    Windsmoke; I was wondering if anyone would write eggxcellent, thanks.

    EC; I'm glad you look forward to these, that's what I was hoping for, something that would bring a smile to everyone's week.

  3. Check out the detail and the steady hand that would have been essential!

    My word verification seems appropriate:
    Coaggly - a cracked egg, lovingly taken care of

  4. Kath Lockett; Possibly surgical instruments were involved, or at least a very sharp scalpel. I can see me trying dozens of these and breaking every single one. Love the WV.


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