yay! I have snacks!

I'd eaten all the fruit and was getting bored with opening cupboards looking for snacks that weren't there, so out I went in the noon-day sun, to the nearest supermarket. Yesterday.

Because on Sundays, shops don't open until 11am.

Now my fridge looks like this >>>

Something on every shelf.

Watermelon. I'll explain the plastic bag in a minute...

Grapes, uh oh, another plastic bag...

These bags are not new ones. I needed a couple to hold things that might be a little drippy when I first moved in here, and I've been rinsing and drying and reusing them ever since. I don't willy-nilly get plastic bags each week for my purchases. Most of my fruit and veg is placed in little net bags that I've made or bought. Washable, reusable, environmentally friendly.

Bananas, nectarines, apples. Yum.

Apricots, tomatoes, capsicum and lettuce mix.
In a cellophane bag.
Is cellophane plastic? oh dear..

This lot should keep me going for a few days.


  1. What a beautiful colourful nutritious fridge full of snacks.

  2. What a tidy fridge!!! Mine is a little like Ma Kettle's cupboard, sometimes. The snacks will keep you going through the hard times.

    There is another discussion to be had about plastic bags, I can see. I think it is a good idea to use them to stop drips going everywhere.

  3. I love to come to this blog. It's already tomorrow and the refrigerator is full of yummy. Lots of good eating there.

  4. A very neat fridge full of heathly and delightful snacks, my fridge looks like a bomb sight but i can still find what i want eventually :-).

  5. Very organised!! I've got those same fridge baskets that I think came from the catalogues the kind people leave on my doorstep. I have too many condiments for them though.

  6. Fantastically tidy fridge, River, wanna come over to tidy mine up? lol
    Lovely, healthy food, that'll keep you cycling thru the heat :)

  7. What time do you get up?

    Do you go to bed AT ALL?

    I've just seen Julia "The Emu" Gillard on TV. If all women looked like that the birth rate would go zero.

  8. Delores; I think colourful food is half the fun. Who wants to eat a plate full of brown or grey?

    Christine; my fridge is always tidy, cupboards too. I can't live any other way.

    Joanne; and I love to see you here. The more the merrier...

    Windsmoke; "eventually" made me laugh. Is it really that bad?

    EC; so yummy, half the grapes and watermelon are gone already.

    Sarah; I got those baskets at Coles for $3 each. I have too many condiments too, the rest are in the door shelves.

    Jayne; sure, I'll tidy your fridge. What's your address again?

    R.H. Yes, I do go to bed, usually around 10pm. I get up a couple of hours before I need to catch the bus to work. Sometimes earlier if I can't sleep.

  9. SO NEAT! I just went out and purchased chocolate *rolls eyes*

  10. So neat..my fridge looks like I open the door and throw everything in..
    then pack what wont fit into any available space.. Oh..I DO!

  11. Fridge full up.

    Where's the meat?

  12. That all looks utterly delicious, dear River.

    Berries are just starting to arrive here, so apart from (cheap) the winter staples of apples and oranges, I also splurged on some raspberries.

    They sort of balance out the (--rushes off to count--) TWENTY FOUR blocks of chocolate on the shelf above them!

  13. Lovely looking fruit and veg. I'd be interested in hearing more about the wee mesh bags for the fruit and veg, especially how you made them?

  14. How will you get a (f-word) feed from a (f-word) watermelon for (f-word)'s sake!

  15. Fenstar; mmmm, chocolate....

    Tempo; you need to get in there and tidy up...

    R.H. I rarely eat meat and when I do I buy it fresh on the day I want to eat it.

    Kath; *snap* I bought raspberries today! Frozen ones, to mash into a puree to mix into the yoghurt I made this morning.

    amanda; I bought tulle from Spotlight, cut out rectangles, folded each one in half and sewed up the two long sides. I was going to make drawstrings for them but I couldn't be bothered. I just close them off with a peg or a bulldog clip. I also have some I bought, made from softer, finer mesh and those have drawstrings.

    R.H. the watermelon is for snacks. Or I'll mix cubes of it into a salad. I like fruit in my salads.


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