whimsical wednesday # 10

10 weeks of Whimsical Wednesday already!

These images I've borrowed from google should put a smile on your dial.

French Toast!


  1. I love the legs on the toast. Looks like he's about to break into a tap dance at any minute. :)

  2. Looks disconcertingly like a truly ridiculous ornament I was given this Christmas. The ONLY difference is that it was shaped more like an ice cream bar on a stick, with candy cane striped arms. Mustache, brown, beret.

    I hung it on the front of the tree.

    And now this? A toast for all seasons.

  3. Manzanita; he's rather cute isn't he?

    JeanetteLS; that does sound a little odd. You'll have to post a photo sometime.

    Delores; Oui Madame.

  4. French toast out walking his/her french poodle :-).

  5. The toast is overdone by my standards, but I do love the cap and the legs. Thank you for another Wednesday Smile.

  6. And what about the butter coloured shock of hair?

  7. Windsmoke; note the moustache, the toast is definitely walking HIS french poodle.

    EC; I think he's perfectly tanned.

    Elisabeth; Butter is better, especially on toast.


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