whimsical wednesday #8

Another week has rolled by and it's time once again to give you all your weekly chuckle.

Thank you to google images and all the people who have put stuff like this onto the internet for me to find.

I can't believe it's February already!
Didn't we just get over Christmas?


  1. I don't expect violence when I read blogs! Images of bloodied dogs ... Murder. You have this.

    Over on Pearl, You little Swine, we have uprisings of gloves.

    Another blog, talk of aliens in Fran Drescher's head.

    I am afraid. And what about the traumatized mate? Have you know sensitivity River?

    I shake my head. Turn aWAY from the blogs. Turn AWAY from the blogs...

    Run awaaaayy.

  2. We can even anthropomorphise a sausage, saveloy, frankfurter, or whatever it is here. Great stuff, warms the cockles of my heart to use a well worn cliche.

  3. Poor little sausage looks scared :-).

  4. People warned me I would be exposed to violence on the internet. Even as a vegetarian I am feeling sad for that poor saveloy lying next to his murdered mate.

  5. JeanetteLS; there are aliens in Fran Drescher's head??

    Delores; ha ha.

    Elisabeth; thank you.

    R.H. the world is a harsh place.

    Windsmoke; and so he should, he's next.

    EC; the internet is a wicked, wicked place.

  6. I'll have to send this one to Sapphire as she loves these cartoons of food behaving badly...

  7. Come on! What did the post-mortem say?

  8. The world is a harsh place? Maybe you'd know better than any of us?
    If you think this kind of shit is funny you need treatment.
    And Locket, your kid should be taken from you.

  9. Kath Lockett; she'll get a laugh from my whimsical wednesdays then. I've given you a mention in my next post.

    TAFE; welcome to drifting. I don't have access to post mortem results....

    R.H. it's a hotdog!! it's funny!

  10. Maid River falls apart
    All at sea
    Rochester draws a chart
    To her heart.


  11. Kath Lockett I regret what I've said.

    I used to read your blog but got tired of all the farting, snot, pus and shit. None of it's funny. You need to live outside of yourself; your physiology.


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