all tastes had been catered for...

...well, most of them anyway, in the line of food stalls in The Garden of Unearthly Delights.

(I learned via the newspaper on the weekend that The GOUD is not part of the Fringe Festival)

the long line of stalls began way down there, came up to the corner,

turned left and kept on going.

a taste of the Orient sits comfortably next to a Yiros stand,

which in turn sits by the Little Adelaide Pizza Co.

I really liked this sign. It looked better in real life, the back was a dark, oily green colour and the lettering seemed more golden.

cajun beef burger, creole chicken burger, morrocan red lentil burger.
In spite of the high cost, I might have tried the creole chicken burger if this stall had been open.

The Chocolatree.
this stall had trays of chocolates and muffins or large cupcakes left in the display window.
After spending the night, then a few hours in the morning sun, I'd have to say they were a little the worse for wear. I hope they were removed and tossed when the stall reopened......

Who doesn't like Gelato?

Adelaide's Famous Poffertjes.
I'm going to try these one day, even if I have to make my own...

Have I made anyone hungry??

Besides myself I mean.


  1. A whole world of food choices.

  2. Poffertjes! After I looked at Wickipedia, I need to be in line. The works, please: syrup, strawberries and whipped cream!

  3. Yes! I'd like to try the chocolate, gelati and the poffertjes!

  4. Delores; something for everyone.

    Joanne; definitely with the works.
    I've googled a recipe for Poffertjes and it looks simple enough, but I'll need a poffertjes pan.

    Kath; I didn't know about Chocolatree until I saw this sign. It's a shop in O'Connell Street, I'll go there one day soon and try some chocolates just for you. Sadly Chocolates on Parade has closed now....

  5. A Buffet of Delights for foodies to sample :-).

  6. It all looks wonderful! We only went once and had hot chips in a cone of paper!

  7. If I still had small kids this festival is where I'd take them.

    How interesting. Adelaide has a staid reputation. Not true.

  8. Yum, coffee shops, and junk faves!

  9. Windsmoke; a veritable smorgasbord.

    Sarah; there's nothing quite like hot chips in paper. Yum!

    R.H. Adelaide is pretty staid most of the time. She comes alive in March, for the Clipsal 500, the Fringe Festival, The Garden of Unearthly Delights, then Womadelaide. And then she goes back to sleep.

    Tempo; they're good now and again, but not as a steady diet.

  10. EC; Mmmm indeed. I've severely restricted my chocolate intake until some of the weight starts coming off, I'm telling you---the cravings are getting pretty fierce. I may have to buy a strawberry cream as I pass Haighs tomorrow.

  11. Haha, of course you have, you naughty girl! At least I don't have to decide which one to choose!!

  12. Red Nomad; I bought the strawberry cream and it was sooooo yummy!


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