handy household hint

I tried this once, but someone spilled coffee on my messages....


  1. Maxine is one of my heroes. I hadn't come across this gem before - love it. Thank you.

  2. Damn. That was an excellent idea, too.

  3. Gotta love Maxine, that gal knows how to live.

  4. What a waste of a cup of coffee. Who cleaned up the mess?? :-).

  5. peskypixies; me too.

    Kimmie; I've got a few Maxine's in my files.

    EC; I'll have to put up another one next week.

    Toni; wouldn't have worked for long though.

    Delores; she does have some great ideas.

    Windsmoke; that would be me.

  6. Im a minimalist so I dont have a coffee table, or wardrobes, or dresser, or....
    (my mum was a hoarder so I'm not going there)

  7. Tempo; where do you keep your stuff then? And where do you put your feet up if not on a coffee table?
    My sister is a hoarder, I understand why you wouldn't go there.


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