losing weight, aka the skirt challenge....

......doesn't seem to be happening.
In the beginning, I lost 2kg fairly quickly.
Since then, nothing.

I know that I wanted to lose the weight slowly, but this is ridiculous!
In spite of eating sensibly and eating much less in the form of smaller portions,
I'm stuck at the 2kg loss mark.

I may have over-indulged a little on the icecream, (more than once), but surely all of the other smaller food portions should be helping?
It's not like I'm eating icecream at every meal, not even every day.

A little frustrating for sure.

Still, I'll keep at it, my original goal was to fit back into that skirt by next summer, and that gives me another nine months.
I'll probably stop buying the icecream though.


  1. Yeah...I think that's a good idea.

  2. Good idea to stop buying ice-cream. To lose weight you have to include exercise like walking or riding your bike 30 minutes a day, five days a week this is how i lost my 30 kilos :-).

  3. Adding in the exercising is tough, but effective. Don't give up.

  4. The soups and exercise will do it ;)

  5. Oh, River!
    Do you remember a while ago you were asked in the supermarket about some spice mix you had difficulty recalling?
    Was it something like Ras el Hanout?
    Just came across it on a repeat of Better Homes & Gardens, gurgle it, it sounds like a yummy but easy spice mix to make :)

  6. Yep, I lost 60lbs in 2011, down from a US #20 to a US#8, but had diet and regular exercise in the mix. Also, I'd measure inches/cm as well. Sometimes the weight can be the same, but it's redistributed, especially by exercise, and your size can shrink as muscle mass takes up less space than fatty tissue does.

  7. Delores; it's getting into autumn then winter here so it will be too cold for icecream anyway. Some people can eat icecream all year long, but not me.

    Windsmoke; I'd been thinking that walking to and from bus stops, then lifting groceries four hours at a time would be enough. Plus the stairs at work. I've discovered that riding the bike needs a few days recovery time for the hips and knees after each ride.

    Joanne; it is going to be tough now that the knees have stiffened up, but I'll work something out.

    Jayne; it's a good thing I like soups. Ras el Hanout doesn't ring a bell at all, I'll have to zip through the archives to find out just what it was, but I'll certainly gurgle Ras el Hanout too.

    Amanda; thanks. I know about the weight distribution part and the diet is going well, I'm used to eating much less now. It's just the exercise. I thought I was getting enough by working and walking to and from bus stops. Congratulations on your 60lbs!!

  8. Totally agree with Windsmoke - add 30 min of walking a day will help.

  9. drb; I'll work it into my schedule somehow.

  10. Go to this website, the most healthy way to lose weight:

  11. We're also in "a diet" , cutting back on rice which is a staple for Asians. And boy is it hard.Good luck to us all!

  12. Ta, River, it was a nice side benefit of an otherwise iffy year. :-)

    I keep reading in various places that it's OK to not have to do the whole 30 minutes in one lot, and that walking fast counts for as good as exercise as running does.
    I also found a bit of water exercise (some swimming laps, and some water aerobics) worked really well. I was warmed by the heated water in winter, cooled in Summer, and they say as soon as you enter the pool, it feels like you weigh less, and all that cushioning water is quite lovely for exercising without banging away on the joints.

  13. ha ha ha ha - this is ME!
    I've been on a lifestyle change thing since October, not diet, no no, we don't do that in our house. It was all about smaller portions, more exercise and less snacks.
    IT GOES SO BLODDY SLOW! The only reason why I know I have lost weight is that the scales say so. It goes too slow for me to feel it.
    The idea is to do it for one year, which seems like a great thing in the beginning. SO adult and SO sensible. SO not funny. I totally feel you on this one!

  14. drb; I had a copy of the CSIRO Total Well-Being book once, don't know what happened to it....I may have lent it to someone and never got it back. I'll check the link on the weekend. After I've been for a walk.

    Joni Llanora; rice is one of my favourites too. I've managed to cut back a bit by adding more vegetables to the recipe instead.

    Amanda; I don't think there's any swimming pools near me, but I'll look into it. Of course then I'll have to buy a bathing suit.

    creativesigne; I haven't been calling it a diet either, since I plan on keeping the new eating regime forever. I started back in January, but let things slide, then started again a few weeks ago, with the aim of losing 10 kilos by next summer. I'm handling the smaller portions well, and the no snacking except one day a week I allow an afternoon snack, it's just the extra exercise I have to ramp up a bit. I truly thought the fast-paced checkout work would be enough. Plus the walking to and from bus stops. Well, at least these days it isn't too hot to get out there and walk.

  15. River, there's a strong chance that while you're not losing weight, your body weight is actually being redistributed. It's a bit like stacking some firewood right at the back door so you don't have to go all the way to the big woodpile in the back paddock when you want fuel to burn.
    Hang in there long enough and I might get inspired myself :)


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