I know you're just dying to see more photos

So here are a few more that I took while up on the lighthouse deck.

The clock tower. I'm not sure what building it is on.

Cranes in the distance.

Docks across the river.
See that grounded ship over there?
I had a closer picture of it and can't find it anywhere. I'm so disappointed.

But here's a consolation police boat cruising the harbour.

Here's a view across Port Adelaide looking in the general direction of Semaphore.
Which is where I walked to after taking all of my photos.
(Then of course I took more photos at Semaphore).

Here we have the Dockside Tavern.

And the Lighthouse Pub.

Finally, a view of the new apartments built recently at Port Adelaide.
Well, sometime in the last few years anyway.
I'm not sure exactly when, all I know is they weren't there when I lived at Semaphore 9 years ago.

Edited to add:-

The grounded ship.
I found the photo! Yay!
(I was so worried that I might have accidentally deleted it).


  1. Hi,
    Very nice photos, I especially liked the grounded ship, very unusual and it looks fairly large as well. It does look rather strange sitting up there, maybe they are working on her.

  2. My father worked on ore ships for a while, back in the 1930's. I tried to see the name of this one, but can't make it out. It looks pretty rusty around the edges.

  3. The clock tower belongs to Port Adelaide Town Hall. We were at a horrible modern and desolate shopping centre in PA and I seeing the town hall. It isn't a huge building, as town halls go, but a very handsome one.

  4. The grounded ship is intriguing - I've never noticed it when I've been there....?

  5. Bonza photos especially the grounded ship it could be a restaurant or a museum :-).

  6. Magsx2; she is fairly large, but she's been there a while, I don't think they're working on her, just keeping her clean I think.

    Joanne; I thought it might have been an old tug boat, but they're flatter aren't they?

    Andrew; I thought it belonged to the Town Hall, just wasn't sure. The PA shopping centres aren't very pretty, but there's been a bit of sprucing up going on.

    Kath; How long is it since you visited the Port? I'll have to find out more about the ship now, you've made me curious as well.

    Windsmoke; the ship is on the wrong side of the water to actually be anything, unless she is in the process becoming....

  7. Thank you. You were right - I was looking forward to more photos from your climb. Thank you.

  8. The area does look more interesting from that perspective. Grounded ship is fascinating.

  9. I love that grounded ship. As someone who's been landlocked all her life, I think I can relate.



  10. EC; I have so many photos I could probably show them for a fortnight and not run out. But I won't do that.

    Joni Llanora; things do look so different from on high.

    Pearl; I wonder if the ship misses the ocean? Do ships have souls and miss what's gone?


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