Angry Birds anyone?

That is all.


  1. Hi,
    OMG what a mess, I would hate to be cleaning that up. LOL

  2. Yea! Can't even see to drive to the car wash.

  3. Love it. They can be vindictive so and so's.

  4. Plasman; bird revenge at its finest.

    Magsx2; makes me glad I don't have a car.

    Joanne; at first I thought the car had a cover on it, but now I see it doesn't.

    Delores; payback for tossing birds at pigs. You know about the online game?

    EC; it amd me laugh at first, but really, it isn't so funny.

    Windsmoke; yep.

  5. ...and just how does that happen? Did he run over a Pigeon? Paybacks

  6. Tempo; probably the tree is full of magpies or such, pigeons don't usually roost in trees do they? They choose city buildings and statues.

  7. Clearly they don't need any bombs or pigs in real life!

  8. Kath; I've never actually played the online game, just read about it. Tossing birds at pigs just doesn't appeal. such a timewaster.

    Pandora; thanks. My niece sent that one to me.

  9. Hahaha! Great shot!! But maybe it's a remake of the Hitchcock classic??!!


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