hello Friday afternoon

You're looking pretty good for this time of year. Sunny blue skies with a few clouds here and there, temperature around 30C, cool breezes. Very nice.

Friday's are my day off, (weekends don't count, almost everybody gets those) and I usually sleep in a bit, potter around doing some washing etc, but not today.

Today I had an appointment with the dentist.
So I still had to be up and go catch a bus, then another bus, just like a work day.
Because my dentist is right next to my workplace.

After the dental torture was over (it wasn't so bad) I popped in to work and had a look at the photo album of my friends wedding.
Such a pretty wedding!
Held in a park, with the bride looking all gorgeous (I made a joke with her and said "hey who's the pretty girl in the long white dress?") and the groom with hair. Last time I saw him he'd shaved his head.
The bridesmaids were lovely in hot pink and the flowers were mixed bunches of white and hot pink roses.

Then I had the crazy notion to walk home instead of hanging around waiting for buses.

You know, because the weather was nice and I had no other plans to be anywhere else.......

I knew the way, and I knew it was a long way, so I didn't try to hurry at all, just ambled along enjoying the day. I left Norwood at 12.30 and arrived home soon after 2pm.
This includes stopping several times to take photos along the way.

Like this tree branch doing a remarkable imitation of a bird in flight.

And these dead vine stems that almost look like people climbing up a tree.

White flowers at the top of this strappy plant that I don't know the name of, so I've labelled it a Yucca.

This is the multi-stemmed stand of plants that has the white flowers at the top.
Yuccas? Who knows.


  1. I find walking a long distance ok if your stop along the way, like to take photos, as I invariably do. You did well. The vine stems almost look like wood carvings.

  2. I dont do 'walk' except to and from the car... I got smashed up in a car accident many years ago and find walking very hard on my Titanium hip... I miss it actually as I rode a bike everywhere until then.

  3. Andrew; wood carvings!! I knew the vines reminded me of something! I've seen similar images in carvings and stonework on ancient buildings. Can't remember where though.

    Tempo; ouch! A car crash! I've heard from lots of people that titanium hips and knees are uncomfortable, which makes me wonder why they have them. Is there a better alternative? Something that's more kind to move with.

  4. Good on you River! :-)
    Nice photos!

  5. oh wow, thanks River , I am smiling away here

  6. That was quite the "stroll" there girl.

  7. drb; I surprised myself. I haven't walked this far in quite a while.

    frogpondsrock; I thought this would cheer you up a bit.

    Delores; yes it was, and I'm planning on doing it again, but not too soon.

  8. Nice photos, River. It's nice to do a good, long walk, especially when you don't have to rush.

  9. Bonza photos. You'll lose more weight when you take more slow, long walks like that one :-).

  10. Not sure what that yukka'ish plant is, but I have 2 out the front of my place and they've just finished flowering. Mine are about 12ft tall and I like the way they rustle in the wind.

  11. Amanda; the not having to rush is the best part. I see so much more when I have time to stop and look.

    Windsmoke; that's part of the plan.

    Fenstar de Luxe; they're pretty aren't they? The stand I photographed is about that height too.


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