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As I mentioned yesterday, a lot of Adelaide's East End is closed off for the Clipsal 500 car races.
I went out today and photographed a few roadblocks, but not all of them, because like a lot of things, it's a case of "seen one seen 'em all"

This is near the corner of East Terrace and Grenfell St.

A little further around the corner into Bartels Road.

To the left of this road is the northern part of Rymill Park, currently housing The Garden of Unearthly Delights tents, part of the Fringe Festival. The trees you see straight ahead are in the southern section of Rymill Park that houses the Christian Brothers College sports ovals.
Rymill Park is divided by Bartels Road.

This is the way my bus usually takes me to work (along Bartels Road) and the last time we rode this way I could see the high wire fences and rubber tyres barricades. But not today. I didn't want to walk closer. The cars were doing their practise runs and that level of noise bothers me.

Definitely no getting through this roadblock.

One small section of "tent city". When I saw this last week, the fences weren't up yet, so the many tents situated behind this one were still visible.
I'm fairly sure these are the eating and drinking facilities for some of the racegoers.
Further around the track are the much larger grandstands for those who wish to sit up high and view the races.

I won't be one of them.

I wanted to show you more, but as I walked, I realised a lot of the fencing and grandstands etc, I had only seen from the bus windows and on foot I couldn't get to them. Not without walking for hours anyway.


  1. Thank you for your walking to give us these photos. Not only the noise but also the smell of motor racing bothers me. And I am not comfortable with the risks they are taking either. A wuss, that's me.

  2. Horrible racing noise and smells, but some people enjoy it. Not me I might add.

  3. EC; I'm a wuss too when it comes to car races. I don't want to be anywhere near when a car might flip over or run into the barricades or fences, risking the spectators as well as himself.

    Elisabeth; The noises and smells bring on headaches. I avoid noisy places as much as I can.

  4. Lots of excitement. I'm with you for not watching the races in person. Fun to watch on TV though where there is no danger of a vehicle crashing into the stands (and you can turn the sound down).

  5. My brother in law took my grandaughter took my grandaughter to the stock car races when she was seven. Brought her home at midnight, a sleeping sack of potatoes. Next day she pronounced it fun. But she never asked to go with him again.

  6. Delores; lots of fun for the city, but I don't even watch these things on TV, unless I happen to catch a bit on the news.

    Joanne; I remember going to Rowley Park Speedway with a carload of friends when I was 17. We spent most of the night behind the stands eating chips and drinking coke. I don't think we watched a single race. I've never been since.

  7. Lots of fun for some people, but it also means that the city closes down for everyone else.

  8. Christine; I don't think so. Only a small section of roadway is closed off, people can still get into and out of the city and with the tourists in as well for the Fringe Festival, our little city is currently very busy.

  9. I only came down as far as Gawler and even there (way out in the sticks) it was madness with hundreds of cars heading toward the city.


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