the fanciest pavilion (not a tent)

In the Garden of Unearthly Delights, stands the most ornately decorated pavilion I have ever seen.
I took many photos of it, and today I'll share some of them with you.

It's called Idolize, although I'm not sure why.

It's the first thing I noticed when walking under the entry sign.

Performances from 7pm, beginning with the Black Sorrows and continuing until after midnight with the Hot Dub Time Machine.

I quite like the entrance doors.

Look at the scrollwork on these panels!

Each panel is a painting surrounded by the scrollwork......

...with each painting being different.
I took a close look at some of the panels and there are brush strokes visible in the paint.

Very pretty, yes?

a few painted flowers from one of the panels.
The whole thing reminds me of highly decorated gypsy wagons.
When I think about that, I suppose gypsies is what these people are, who travel the countryside from one Festival to another.


  1. We certainly never see anything like that around's very mystical.

  2. Thankyou for this. Can't get to Adelaide for the festival this year so seeing this, this way is an absolute treat.

  3. Gypsies is exactly right. People who move through our lives and seem so exotic. Difficult to believe they have homes, families, bills to pay, worries and joys of their own.

  4. It's gorgeous. As I'm descended from gypsies it's a real treat

  5. That's a wonderful building!! So decorative and unusual.

    The picture of the entrance doors didn't load for me, but the close ups of the panels are stunning.

  6. Very quirky and interesting. Seems you put some effort into your Fringe and who could not love the title Garden of Unearthly Delights.

  7. Hello sweetiepies. I'm told there was a clash of cultures when the sound of motor racing entered a concert hall where some famous conductor was waving the ol' baton.

    Life gets in the way of art, ha ha.

  8. There's no art, it's economics, a price on everything, like when my neighbour decided to kill his wife and do the twelve years.

  9. How mystical and magical. Thank you.

  10. Delores; it's a shame you never see things like this. Not even at Carnivals?

    Christine; now you can almost pretend you were there.

    Joanne; I prefer to think of gypsies from the old days, when the wagon was their home and they had no bills to pay.

    peskypixies; you're descended from gypsies? I'd love to hear about them.

    Jay at The Depp Effect; and it will be gone soon, may already be gone as we speak. Try loading the page again, sometimes the pictures load fully on the second try.

    Andrew; I love the title and it certainly draws a crowd every night that it's open.

    R.H. I read about that in the Sunday paper. Seems one of our local pollies actually asked for a race to be stopped while the concert was on.
    I wonder if the wife was worth the twelve years?

  11. I always found it a funny situation that such olde worlde tents (also the Speigeltent) would house some pretty 'out there' acts these days.

  12. Well it's consumer choice, conditions apply; he understood the terms, settling for twelve years locked up but gloating.

  13. Before you upset anyone, read their small print.

    ha ha ha.


  14. Kath; I find it a delightful mixture of old and new, like putting antique furniture into a modern home sort of thing.

    R.H.I guess he knew what he was in for then and considered it worth the cost.


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