I climbed the lighthouse

Next to the Fisherman's Wharf Markets building is a small lighthouse.
I'm not sure if it's part of the original lighthouse, or a replica.
But I do know that if you pay the $1 fee, you can climb the narrow twisting stairs to the viewing platform.
50 feet above the ground.
So I did.
And here's a few photos.

The Lighthouse. Just above the red column is the viewing platform, the wider red base holds three "museum" rooms with artefacts from previous eras.

Going up,

looking down.

This short, straight section leads up through a smallish square opening and once you're through that you walk a few steps around to the door leading to the viewing platform.

The topmost flight of stairs, leading to the beacon room, was roped off.

This is the viewing deck. As you can see, it's not too narrow, but not overly wide either.
Plenty of room for a single person to wander around it, hugging either the lighthouse or the rail when passing others also wandering around it.

I looked up at the light to see the glass had been covered from the inside, so turned my eyes to the view.

Cars crossing the Birkenhead Bridge.

Looking back along Commercial Road.

The busker down on the forecourt.
He was quite good, singing selections from Elvis, Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash, with every song sounding as if Bob Dylan was singing it.


  1. Wow. Spectacular views. Not certain I could have done the climb, but loved that you did it and shared the joys. Thank you.

  2. EC; it's only 50 feet above ground, but the column is narrow, so the stairs are too, if you're claustrophobic I wouldn't recommend it. And of course 50 feet is too high for a lot of people.

  3. Thanks for making the climb. I was up a lighthouse last in 1974. The view was wonderful. Almost forty years later I'm not claustrophobic, but heights make my head swim. Good job getting up there for us.

  4. Too high too high too high
    You are so brave to go up there and the views are lovely.

  5. How cool, River! Speaking of heights, for my 40th birthday (now almost ten years ago), I swore I was gonna parachute out of a plane. This year I turn 50... will I jump out this time? Stay tuned...

  6. Bonza views especially the view down commercial road. Good on ya for being adventurous :-).

  7. Joanne; I'm a touch claustrophobic, but if I know I'm able to get out easily, then I'm okay. Just don't zip me into a sleeping bag...

    Delores; I didn't think it was at all high. I've been higher in some buildings and on a cliff over looking the ocean.

    AgingGal; I used to promise myself a parachue jump or hot air ballon ride, maybe some abseiling for my 40th, I'll be 60 this year and still haven't done any of those.

    peskypixies; more to come, stay tuned...

  8. The lighthouse used to be on the end of the jetty but was moved to the roadside near the port for many years before being moved to where it is now...it is original. My long gone uncle told me the stories of how he helped to move it. (it's cast iron and apparently very heavy)

  9. What a cute little lighthouse. I'm glad you climbed it for us to enjoy the view via your pics :)

  10. So it is the original but just been moved. Nice. I don't know where Fisherman's Wharf is. I'd better check.

  11. Beautiful shots, dear River. Good old Port Adelaide is really looking lovely these days.

  12. Hi,
    Great photos.
    $1 to go through, that is really good, and well worth it. I have never been inside a lighthouse, so I did enjoy the photos.
    Thank You for visiting and commenting on my blog.

  13. Tempo; I wonder what's happened to the jetty then? There doesn't appear to be one now. Maybe washed away in a storm? I'll have to read up a bit.
    Nice to know for sure it's the original lighthouse.

    Fenstar; it is a little cutie isn't it? Other lighthouses I've read about are so much bigger.

    Andrew; it's part of Port Adelaide, further inland from Outer Harbor where the ships come in. Do you have a map of Adelaide? Up at Outer Harbor, by Torrens Island, the St Vincent Gulf does a backflip and becomes Light Passage then becomes Port Adelaide River which comes down between Port Adelaide on one side and Largs Bay, Peterhead, Birkenhead, Exeter, on the other, eventually becoming Gawler Reach and Old Port Reach, according to my UBD maps.

    Kath; good old Port Adelaide looks good when you take photos of the good bits. There's plenty of neglected grunge there. Some parts look positively desolate.

    Magsx2; welcome to drifting. i have lots more photos which I'll put up over time.


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