white elephant stalls

Last Sunday, I took myself to the Fisherman's Wharf Markets.

It wasn't as fascinating as I remembered it, but it's been over nine years and the place has changed a bit.

There are two levels with many individual stalls. This is an overview from the east end upper level.
As you can see, it's really just one huge garage sale, a large collection of white elephant stalls.

Many, many collections of glassware, china, knick-knacks that have been de-cluttered from people's homes or secondhand shops.

Winnie-the-Pooh was there with his jar of honey.

and this oh-so-cute little Licorice Allsort lolly jar. He stood about eight inches high and I thought about bringing him home, but then I remembered the last de-cluttering session I had....

I saw a Dalek, probably 60-70cm tall, maybe a bit more,

and this quirky cat mirror.

The second-hand book stalls took up an enormous amount of space and I didn't dare to even start browsing. I may go back another day though....just to look through the books.

Then there's this little.......something. I have no idea what it's meant to be.

Spoon rest? Jam dish? Sugar bowl?
What do you think? Any ideas?

This sweet little pumpkin cruet set was my favourite find. I had a really hard time leaving that on the shelf!


  1. Wow...I can see myself going nuts in a place like that....you were so good not to buy anything.

  2. I love large markets like that I cant really think of anything to say as I am still thinking about your Avon lady post and remembering the little bottles of perfume my Nan used to give me for Christmas.

  3. What a wonderful place! Our local library has a bizzare bazaar occasionally. White elephants we donate. They fill several tables with the stuff. Unless marked, name your own price. I picked up a napkin holder once that I liked so well I went back to my car and cleaned out my car change.

  4. Ooooooh look at all those books!

  5. It's a great collection of 'bits'. I couldn't start to guess what that thing is used for.


    My brother is building one and I want that, too.

  7. I'll fight ya for the dalek Toni!

  8. Where's the customers? Good heavens, it's like a synagogue on Sunday. Melbourne has the best weekend markets, this one of yours would fit into Wantirna five times. And mugs (customers)golly, like a grand final crowd.
    I ran a stall for twenty years, I know what I'm talking about.
    When you come here I'm taking you to Camberwell, buy you anything you like. Don't be coy, modest, I expect nothing (much)in return.


    -Robert. Oxford.

  9. So many sweet things!
    And look at ll those books!!!!!

  10. Delores; I purposely went with very little cash, just enough to buy lunch.

    Kim; remember all the wonderful shapes and colours of the perfume and after shave bottles? I had a green christmas tree shaped bottle once that had held after shave. I think it had been my brother's.

    Joanne; there's no naming your own price here, everything is marked and some goods are way over-priced, but if you keep looking you'll find the same or very similar item at another stall for next to nothing.

    Kath; I didn't dare look at the books, but I'll be going back one day to do just the book stalls.

    Andrew; no one else has offered any clues either.

    Toni; I wish I could remember how much the Dalek was. The market is open every sunday from 9am, pop on over and get it. It's up on the second level.

    Fenstar; first come, first served. It's up on the second level.

    R.H. the customers were there, I was just polite enough to wait until people were out of the way before taking photos. Camberwell? Is that where your market is?

    peskypixies; I wanted to dive right into those books. It took quite a lot to turn my back and walk away.

  11. So did you actually buy ANYTHING?? I would've rewarded myself for not buying anything by buying something ... and I don't think I'd have the willpower to leave those books alone ...

  12. Nice..er..weird stuff. I really dont go for these dust collectors. My mums house was FULL of them.
    To prove a point one day I walked around the lounge, hall and kitchen with a coffee cup trying to find a place large enough to put it down..it just wasn't possible! (yeah, really)

  13. I admire your determination. The book stall would have won me - even if I had to go home and come back again.

  14. Camberwell is a posh suburb, upper middle-class; adults with natural confidence, children with braced teeth. It's not 'old money' but it's well-matured.
    The common middle-class frequent latte cafes, Camberwell wouldn't lower itself. No striving for these folks, no anxiety, bitching about money.

    The Camberwell Sunday market trades in collectables: or anything old and interesting (bit like myself). It's enormously popular, huge crowds, a fashion parade of sorts, and featuring a good sprinkling of the insane and the eccentric (types beloved by the upper middle-class).
    The market is held in a long carpark behind a row of main street shops. Stallholders start setting up from around five am, or even earlier, there's no official opening time, some buyers creep around in the dark shining torches on goods as they're being unpacked.

    I was there a few years and loved it very much, loved the culture, the refinement, it made me a very polished RH. Eventually the Rotary Club who run the show got onto me for selling new goods (rather questionable) at half price and after having bought a lot of it themselves anyway, moved me on. Well the stuff was best quality, and Camberwell knew it. Wantirna didn't and sales were a bit slower.

    -Robert. (Honest Bob)

  15. I love the photos you share with us.
    I think the strange looking thing is a paper napkin holder.

  16. I must add that the napkins will have to be folded into triangles before putting into the holder.

  17. Red Nomad; I did buy hot chips for my lunch. The first hot chips I'd had since before Christmas! oh, they were soooo delicious!

    Tempo; my mum had a lot of dust collectors too, although many of them were from places she'd visited while on her trips to and from Germany and they were in a cabinet behind glass doors. I had my share of knick-knacks, but got rid of 99% of them in last year's decluttering effort.

    EC; the book stall has me in its clutches, I'll be going back.

    R.H. Honest Bob? Hmmm. Camberwell sound like a fantastic market. Maybe we could take JahTeh along. We'll hire a wheelchair for her dicky knee, and buy her a vanilla slice.

    drb; a napkin holder? I didn't think of napkins, it looks too posh, maybe they were starched and folded cloth napkins. Or maybe.....it held little salt and pepper shakers with the little mustard pot in the middle.

  18. I'll take her in a wheelchair, why not, we might both have to push.

  19. I think the thingie is small vase-would hold some tiny blooms beautifully


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