whimsical wednesday #14

Whimsical Wednesday is here again.

For your enjoyment, I bring you .....

The Happy Fridge.

Imagine seeing this when you open your fridge first thing in the morning.

Would you be happy? 
A liitle startled? 
Wondering who the heck has time (or is crazy enough) to draw happy faces on everything?

Once again I remind you these are all googled images.


  1. I would love that. That would just light up my morning.

  2. Happy, happy, happy. And, the eggs make me chuckle.

  3. A Mob Of Cool Dudes Just Chillin' Out :-).

  4. Happy and in order, River.

    I wiped out my fridge this morning and it's contents were not so happy.

  5. It's like they are all saying 'pick me'!!

  6. Ah yes, "The Happy Fridge" :) To complete the photo a leftover "Happy Meal", would have been perfect :)
    Speaking of fridges, I have a talking fridge.
    Um, happy drawing LOL
    In kindness, Gary

  7. Delores; I'd like waking up to that too.

    Joanne; I think I'll try to find stick on happy faces for my fridge containers. I don't think I'll be drawing them on my eggs though.

    Windsmoke; you're too funny. chillin' out...I like that.

    Elisabeth; My fridge contents are fairly happy, the fridge is wiped out every week.

    Sarah; you're right...ha ha, if only they knew what pick me meant.

    Klahanie; leftover happy meal? Is there such a thing?
    Tell me more about the talking Fridge? Do a post on your blog perhaps. Does it just remind you of what you need to replace? Or does it hold conversations? Because that would be a little spooky....

  8. Elisabeth is a Camberwell girl.

    Her fridge would be the size of your flat.

  9. R.H. a fridge that big? I don't believe it.

  10. Ah yes, but would they be smiling if they knew what was in store?.....

    Loved it, thanks.

  11. Yeah well I've seen her house, if you wanted to buy it there'd be no change from two million.

  12. Glad to see she's written it's instead its. A common error. Camberwell can stumble like St Albans.

  13. Caption...Dont forget to take your medication..

  14. That is utterly adorable - I'd be thrilled to see that.

    What I see is grumpy leftovers, farty cheese, dead lettuce, moldering sauces and pukey pumpkin pieces!

  15. EC; probably not.

    R.H. ah, the misplaced apostrophe strikes again.

    Tempo; or we'll all be grinning like that?

    Kath; empty those crispers and set Sapphire to work with big black markers. Farty cheese...that's a blog post you need to write.


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