look! a jelly fish

and a few other things...this is the Birkenhead Bridge.
It opens in the centre so that tall masted ships can get through.
Walk across this bridge, follow the road around to the left, keep going and you end up in Semaphore.

On a good day you can look into the water and see jellyfish.
See that translucent circle just bottom left of centre?
Some days the water is so thick with them, I could stand and watch for hours.

The last small dock before the bridge.

Barnacle crusted pylons and concrete supports. Maybe these were left from the old pier before the new  bridge was built?

the signal arm on top of the bridge tower, you can see those in the first photo.

Lastly, sunlight on the water.


  1. Bonza photos especially the Jellyfish one :-).

  2. Lovely shots....how I would love to live somewhere like that.

  3. Is'nt that the drawbridge thats welded closed? ..it's one of those down that way somewhere. Ive been lost in the labyrinth of roads down that way a few times.

  4. Makes me feel homesick for Adelaide....

  5. Magsx2; thank you.

    Windsmoke; there were just a few jellyfish this time, they don't look like much, but when there's hundreds they're mesmerising to watch as they drift up and down.

    Delores; you could visit....

    Tempo; this bridge still opens, I'm not sure which one is permanently closed.

    Kath; come back and visit anytime you like...I'll send you tickets as soon as I win Lotto.


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