Sunday Selections #60

It's Sunday Selections time again!

Time to post never-before-seen photos that have been languishing in your computer files, just waiting for their turn in the spotlight.
(really it's okay if we've seen one or two of them before...)

This idea comes to us from Kim at Frog Ponds Rock, so if you join us, link back to Kim, then hop on over to the Frog Ponds and add your name to the linky list, then leave Kim a comment.

I usually choose a theme for my Sunday Selections and this week my theme is:-


In this shot, the planes aren't either coming or going, but I know Kim will love the sky.
Mid-March 2011, Adelaide Airport.

Leaving Sydney Airport, mid March 2011

Preparing to leave the terminal.
Sydney Airport, mid-March 2011

Just touched down.
Sydney Airport mid-March 2011

Another one safely down
Sydney Airport mid-March 2011

Time to get those wheels down.
Sydney Airport mid-March 2011

At first I couldn't remember if this one was coming in or going out, then I realised that he had levelled off, so he was coming in. If he was taking off, his nose would be up. The shimmer is the rain on the airport window, where I was snug and warm inside, drinking hot chocolate.
Sydney Airport, mid-March 2011

This one is definitely coming in.
Sydney Airport mid-March 2011

Just kissing the runway.
This big boy was sooooo big, he made every other plane look like a toy.
Sydney Airport, mid-March 2011

The Flying Kangaroo leaves Sydney, mid-March 2011

Up, up and away.....bye-bye Sydney Airport, mid-March 2011 I took dozens of these shots through the window before I got one that had enough plane in the frame.

Overview of Adelaide Airport, I was very glad to be home again.
This last one is not one of my photos, it's a googled image.

Feel free to join in with Sunday Selections, the rules are above the photo selection.


  1. These remind me if my last trip home, in 2007, and the views that I'll be having in the next few months after I move home again.

    I remember flying out of Adelaide in the '90's, when you still got to troop across the Tarmac to get to and from your plane. Didn't have a digital camera in those days, but would have gotten some very interesting close up shots as one trip we walked underneath the wing of another plane to et to ours.

  2. Kim is not the only one to love the sky in that first shot. Cirrus clouds? I cannot remember. I know we studied cloud types while I was at school but so much is lost in the fog in my head.
    Thanks for these shots. I can also remember trooping across the tarmac. I can also remember throwing up on the same tarmac when we landed after a very rough trip.

  3. Being in a plane was the second greatest excitement in my life, the first was teaching myself to ride an old Vespa scooter.

    I like being at airports, love the planes, I can hang about watching them all day.

  4. Amanda; here in Adelaide if we're boarding for seats at the rear of the plane, we still walk across the tarmac.

    EC; I don't know about the types of clouds, but that sky was pretty.
    I remember walking across the tarmac in January 1973, hugely pregnant, and hoping I'd fit in the seat.

    R.H. I remember the excitement of learning to ride my bike. I love watching the planes come and go, but I don't think I could spend all day at the airport.


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