the way of the river

I have a few blogs on my list that take quite some time to load, mostly those with lots of photos.

I don't mind this at all, although I used to.
I'd click on the link, the page would start to load and several minutes later I'd be finger-tapping the table and muttering....well, you don't need to know what I was muttering.

But now, I have a different approach.

Kim, at Frog Ponds Rock,  often has a lot of photos, so I'll click her link, then go and sweep some floors while the page loads.
Then I'll come back and read her post.

Melissa at Suger Coat It has a blog that takes a while to load.
Click the link and wander into the kitchen to put a frozen dinner in the microwave, or make a sandwich, cup of coffee...
Come back and read the post.

Tiffany at Three Ring Circus also has many pictures, mostly of her gorgeous kids.
Click the link, go off and wash some dishes.
Come back and read the post.

Red Nomad travels Australia and takes amazing photos of this wide brown land, her blog gives me time to peel vegetables and toss them into the oven.

My own blog has photos too and takes a while for the page to fully load.
Click my own link, fold and put away the clean washing, come back and read the comments all you lovely people have left me.

I call this multi-tasking. River style.

At the end of the evening, (morning, afternoon, whole day) the blogs are read and commented on, my housework is done and I'm ready for bed.



  1. As the "River" the day goes.

  2. Hi,
    You do have a lot of patience. :)
    It sounds like you use your time very well indeed, multi-tasking it is.

  3. Delores; "like sands through the hourglass...."

    Magsx2; It's better than sitting here muttering, then hours later still having to wash dishes, fold clothes etc.

  4. You could say you're a Jill of all trades but a master of none :-).

  5. Hi River,

    Sounds to me like you need a more powerful computer.




  6. Glad to know I'm not the only one multitasking ... but I have two internet sessions open at once and toggle between them!

    Thanx for your kind words - glad my pix are appreciated ... eventually!!

  7. I tend to open several pages at a time, I start by clicking on those that dont have pics (Like Pearls) then a few others that take longer (Like Cal) While I'm waiting for Cal to open I can spend several minutes reading Pearls words....

  8. A supreme multi-tasker. I don't have your patience.

  9. You can't keep still anyway.

  10. Windsmoke; yes, that's me.

    Plasman; the computer is fine, it's my lousy connection that's so slow.

    Red Nomad; I can only open one thing at a time, otherwise the whole things slows down so much more. There are a few hours when the airwaves are clear enough to go faster, but that's my sleep time.

    Tempo; one page at a time for me, otherwise I get nowhere at all on any of them.

    EC; some days I don't have my patience either, like today....

    R.H. you're right, mostly I can't.

  11. I do a bit of that too - hanging out the damp washing on various clotheshorses throughout the apartment, putting the coffee machine on, reaching for some more chocolate, patting the dog....

  12. Kath; great minds think alike.


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