you'll never guess where I've been

Ta-daaa!  Ikea! You're probably not at all surprised.

I went there to get a few measurements and just generally look around to see if there was any new stuff that's not in my catalogue.

I saw a chest of two drawers that I positively drooled over.
Because it was the exact shade of blue that I'd love to paint my current bookshelves.
(I'm going back with paint charts to see if I can match it to a shade on them)

This was the only furniture item I could see in the entire store that was this particular shade of blue.
Everything else is white, birch, black, or black/brown.
If they sold bookshelves in this particular shade, I'd buy them tomorrow and damn the cost!

The real reason I was at Ikea? I was shopping for a 5 litre pot to make soup.

You see, in my previous home, I had a very large pot. A 10 litre pot. With a pasta insert and a rice steamer insert.
I rarely used the inserts, but the pot was on my stove every winter making gallons of soups and spaghetti sauces to freeze.
When I  moved here, I thought that maybe I wouldn't bother with making such quantities of soups etc, since the stove was electric and I wasn't happy about cooking on it.
So I gave the pot to my youngest son, who has always loved it and was very happy to get it. He's become quite the cook since I  moved out and left those two on their own.

But I've got used to the stove, sort of, and with the cooler days, I've had a yearning for homemade soups. So this morning while shopping I filled my cart with loads of soup veggies and it wasn't until I got home that I remembered I didn't have the big pot anymore.
Well, I stashed the veggies in the fridge and caught a bus to Ikea. I'd remembered seeing a lovely pot the last time I was there...

Ooooh! shiny! with a reflection of me in my stripey pink jammies!  Ha Ha!
I love the roundness of it. This is the 5 litre pot, there's a 3 litre version also, but I already have a 3 litre saucepan.

I like the steam holes in the lid....and look! there's my camera....

And I like the quart-litre measurements on the inside.

Saturday morning I'll be peeling, chopping, simmering some yummy vegetable soup.
Later in the day I'll be making tomato-bean soup then Sunday will be devoted to a batch of spaghetti sauce.
I love winter foods.

While I was browsing around in Ikea, I spotted these mini trivets.  For putting your hot pots on so you don't scorch your bench tops.

isn't that just so cute?

I bought two, because one on its own would be lonely...

They match the big one that sits beside the hotplates, one of the first things I bought within a month of moving in last year.


  1. All in all, a good shopping day. I wish we had an Ikea close by. not.

  2. I looked at those trivets the last time I was in Ikea. They are pretty good. I am not sure how big our big pot is, but last week the handle broke, so we are in the market for a new. I will show your photos to household management and see what he thinks.

  3. Delores; I'm thankful that we have an Ikea, I'm also thankful that it's two buses away from home so I really think hard about whether or not to go all that way.

    Andrew; They have a range of different styles and sizes, I'm sure you could find something suitable. This one was $49.95

  4. I'm taking a two day trip with my daughter and grandaughter next week and on the way back we're stopping at Ikea. She loves them.

  5. I've been to the IKEA nearest to me, which is is South Philadelphia. I could happily give that shop my entire pay cheque, Since I'm moving back to Adelaide n a bit, I'm being cautious about what I buy (buying=packing/shipping) , but I have looked at those pots with an envious eye. My Dad is not keen on wandering through IKEA, but my Mum loves to, so she's booked me to go for an IKEA wander on my return. Oh no, don't throw me into that briar patch! :-)

  6. Lovely pot! I love soup too. Care to share your soup recipes? ta!

  7. Joanne; I'd come with you, but I have to be back by Sunday night...

    amanda; if I didn't have rent and bills to pay, I'd happily spend more money there. Maybe I just need a larger pay cheque.

    drb; soup recipes during the week.

  8. Looks like you scored some good booty at Ikea (as you do) It's nice to have some nice things to brighten the place up ...and your spirits

  9. I still haven't been!

    I keep promising myself we will go when our tax comes in but wouldn't you know it pesky bills of THE EXACT AMOUNT come in at the same time.

    LOVING that pot! Envious.

  10. Tempo; I don't think I've ever been to Ikea and come home empty handed after my first visit when all I did was look around and collect catalogues.

    Kelley; don't wait for tax time. Returns and new bills are a conspiracy, as soon as you get one, you get the other. Just go and wander around without buying. That's what I did the first time anyway.

  11. I want soup recipes too, how much is your rent?

  12. R.H. soup recipes will be posted during the week. My rent is less than half of what I was paying at my previous home.

  13. IKEA is our saviour over here - pretty well the only place we can afford to buy non-edible homewares from!

    They pronounce it as 'ickier' though, which always makes me laugh.

  14. Haha - just reading Kath's comment above! They probably laugh themselves silly over our 'wrong' downunder pronunciation ...

    SO jealous of your pot!! AND the soup ...

  15. I need a new soup pot too, the one I have is far too big and cumbersome. That one looks perfect. I also told Nan I'd take her to the new Ikea as she hasn't been yet!

  16. Wow, you really scored at Ikea. I love the trivets!

    Your house will smell soupy, cosy and wonderful:)


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