The Garden of Unearthly Delights...... a popular part of the Fringe Festival.
Open at night, there are many attractions to delight visitors.

The garden is set up in our Rymill Park and during the day people can still walk through on the paths and see all the tents etc, without buying tickets, because the shows don't begin until nightfall.
I wandered through the park in the daylight hours and took way too many photos, as one does, and here is a small selection of them for your enjoyment.

this looks Welcoming.

there's a Carousel for the little kids

a Popcorn Stand for bigger kids of all ages.

a Ferris Wheel for everybody.

Then there are some other attractions...

Lizardman, part of what is locally called The Freak Show. aka Wonderland Theatre.

Wonderland Theatre.

Dare to be Amazed!


Human Wonders

Preserved Peculiarities.
there's a One Trick Pony.

There's even a Unicorn! With Rainbows! And Hearts!
On top of a Bus.
(Just for you, Kelley.)


  1. Looks like a fun time is going to be had by all.

  2. This looks so traditional and those posters are such a visual nostaliga delight.

  3. I LOVE the unicorn. Thank you so much.

  4. They've done a great job with the graphics on those posters.

  5. Hi River,

    The Lizard Man looks fairly scary - a bit like me on a Monday morning in fact.




  6. Love the unicorn. The world needs more of those on top of buses! :)

  7. Delores and Joanne; the city certainly is full of smiling happy faces right now.

    Eccentricess; it is pretty traditional, with a lot of performers coming back year after year.

    EC; I'm glad I spotted him too. I love unicorns and this one is so colourful. I'll be printing him as a bookmark.

    tattytiara; the posters are great! Some of the tents are pretty good too. There's one pavilion, (can't call it a tent, it's too solid, I think plywood) that has a lot of decoration on it. I'll be posting pictures of that one on Monday.

    Plasman; but do you have a split tongue? Lizardman has been coming here for years, I'm wondering now how much of the lizard skin is makeup and tattoos and how much is natural wrinkling.

  8. Gorgeous photos - so atmospheric, thanks for sharing x

  9. xxx Hannah xxx; welcome to drifting. You're welcome.

  10. Kath; not just on buses either. Anywhere will do.


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