any more of this and I'll turn green

Four straight days of a plate filled with leafy greens and kale coleslaw is one day too many. Tomorrow I'll take a break and have scrambled eggs on toast or something.

I did have some protein every day as well as the greens, chicken twice, tuna and hard boiled eggs for the other two days. 
For the next round of salad days I'll get some ham, maybe some corned beef. 
If a cool enough day presents itself, I may do a beef pot roast, then I can have cold roast beef which I prefer over the corned beef. 
Today was cool enough, but I didn't have a piece of beef in the fridge, so no cooking was done. 
I couldn't be bothered going to the shop.
I'd already stripped the bed, done two loads of washing, vacuumed the floors, remade the bed and cleaned the bathroom. 
Enough's enough, right? 

Time now for my half serve of ice cream dessert, that's two scoops instead of my usual four. And yesterday I didn't have any :) or should that be :( ?


  1. That is a lot of chewing, as my grandson would say. Have you considered rolling the greens in a wrap?

  2. I finished the fruit salad yesterday. I love it, but living on it for over a week means I am getting a bit tired of it. Not ready for hot food yet though. I am going over to the green side for a bit.

  3. As Kermit says, it's not easy being green!!

  4. Joanne; I don't buy wraps, most of them are cardboardy or just too chewy for me. I don't mind all the chewing of greens, half of appetite satisfaction is in the chewing.

    Elephant's Child; my fruit is getting chopped into yoghurt for breakfast each morning. Either apricots or bananas, sometimes both. The peaches and nectarines available now are more like cricket balls than fruit, first picks of the season are always unripe. And often supplemented with cold storage stuff. I'll wait another couple of weeks before buying either of those. Strawberries haven't been so good either, red and pretty to look at, but white inside and tasteless. It's hard to get properly ripened strawberries because they don't travel or store well. I've tried growing my own over the years, but only ever got a couple of pea sized yummy berries.
    I'll be back on the green stuff by Wednesday.
    Really, really determined to lose a few kilos this time, the weight is playing havoc with my varicose veins (ouch) and lower back.

    fishducky; easy enough for a few days, then the tastebuds want something different for a meal or two. I love Kermit, the Muppet Show is back on TV here, started last week at 7.30pm on Tuesday.


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