R.I.P. David Bowie

Watching Labyrinth tonight to honour David Bowie, born David Robert Jones, who died today aged 69.

R.I. P. David Bowie, another shining star in the heavens now.


  1. And he had only just released another album, which was getting rave reviews. I hope he knew.

  2. Sad news. Is the Labyrinth, how shall I say it, rather revealing of Bowie's attributes?

  3. fishducky; far too young. I heard he'd been ill for about 18 months or so, but didn't hear what with as I was stirring dinner.

    Elephant's Child; I did not know that. I bet sales are astronomical with everyone wanting his final album.

  4. I can't not, as I said on Andrew's blog, he was my first and only celebrity crush.

  5. Me too. I'm surprised my Labyrinth DVD hasn't worn too thin to play anymore. That and my CDs.
    I've just placed a eulogy up on my blog too.

    His last song, Lazarus, released three days before he died - the lyrics are haunting and portentous.


  6. Andrew; I have no idea what you mean, unless you're referring to his wearing tights.

    Jacquelineand...I never had a crush on David, but I did like some of his songs and the movie Labyrinth. He was quite the showman, with his costumes and makeup etc.

    Vicki; I've just finished watching Labyrinth, but I don't have any of his CDs. I'll get over to you tube and listen to Lazarus.

  7. Ok, there's someone I had expected to live forever. :/

  8. Happy Elf Christine; no-one does, but 69 is too young to die :(

  9. I'm very saddened by the passing of David Bowie. I love Bowie. When I heard the news late Monday afternoon of his death I couldn't believe what I heard. I immediately rang my ex. We are both huge fans...and we saw him live in concert in his "Serious Moonlight" tour in the mid-80s. It was spectacular...he was spectacular...he was mesmerising. It was memorable.

    A few years earlier when he also appeared at Lang Park, Brisbane we lived in Torwood not far away...high on a hill. We sat in our sunroom sipping on a couple of scotches listening to the concert and which we could hear loudly and clearly. It was wonderful.

    Bowie was so ahead of his time...ahead of this time even now. He was a talented, highly intelligent individual. The master of so many art forms. A chameleon.

    His performances on stage on Broadway of "The Elephant Man" wearing no stage make-up at all for the role; a role he played sitting in a bathtub in the middle of the stage stripped of everything except his talent drew high acclaim from all quarters. I feel fortunate to have been able to see segments/clips of it on television at the time. I would've loved to have seen him in the play.

    His intelligence, charm and personality shone through in his interviews...yes...I am moved; I am saddened by the death of David Bowie.

  10. That was such a shock. David Bowie was a huge talent and he really was a visionary. He read the future of the web and of digital music before most and was doing great work on both AGES ago. Growing up my sister had a massive crush on him and so by extension I got to know and like his music. We saw him live in the Glass Spider tour in the 80s - we weren't allowed to go to the Serious Moonlight one as we were too young at the time I think, much to my sister's utter weeping despair. By all accounts as well he was a decent person and well loved.

  11. Lee; I didn't love Bowie but I did admire his talent and his ever-changing persona. A true chameleon. I knew him first as Ziggy Stardust.

    Jackie K; being ahead of his time as you say, perhaps he really was a Starman, who has now gone home.

  12. Indeed may he RIP River - being British born there were specials on that evening here in Scotland to honour his work and his life. I played his old album all day. He was a great lyricist.


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