Thursday Thoughts # 78

from Basket Case, by Carl Hiaasen:
"Improper lane changing etiquette has resulted in two drivers pulling out semi-automatics and inconsiderately shooting each other in the diamond lane of the interstate. The traffic jam is epic..."

also from Basket Case:
"She insisted the morgue job was the best she'd ever had, owing to the lack of customer complaints."

from My Name is Mahtob, by Mahtob Mahmoody:

"William James, one of the founding fathers of psychology, has been credited with saying, 'The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.'"
(so true)

also from My Name is Mahtob:
"It's not our differences that divide us. It's our inability to recognise, accept and celebrate those differences." 
(again, so true)

Today's Thoughts:

Have we all seen the ads for the upcoming series of MKR? That's My Kitchen Rules, for those who don't know. It's a competition style cooking show, where couples show off their skills (or lack of) by cooking entire meals and serving them to the other contestants who then judge them on it. 

The ads I'm referring to here are those featuring a contestant, Jessica, who repeatedly states that she doesn't eat this, doesn't eat that, doesn't like fats, oils, carbs of any kind, hates icing sugar, never eats rice or pasta or fried food. In fact deep-fried food scares her. "Seriously!" she says. Or maybe she said "I mean it!" at that point. I know she said both.

All of this makes me wonder just what the heck is she doing on a cooking show? 
One of the other contestants has said, "I hope your cooking tastes better than your attitude."
I agree with him, but now I'm intensely curious. 

What will she cook? How is she going to cook it? How will she serve it?  How will it taste?

This is a terrible conundrum for me, because I've told everyone I know, often, that I don't watch these shows, never have and never will. 
But I want to see what Jessica cooks and how well, or not, her offerings are received by the others.


  1. She will serve organic lettuce with microplaned lemon zest. And water.

    1. PS: Love the quotes from My Name is Mahtob. I am going to have to track that one down.

  2. Exactly the same as you. I don't watch the show but I want to see her fail. Brilliant advertising to drag in those who don't want to watch.

  3. Who knows, perhaps she's so inventive she'll be able to pull it off...... probably not, though. Please keep us up on how it goes!

  4. I've always watched "My Kitchen Rules"; and I look forward to watching the new season, too. I think it's a good show. I enjoy it, anyway, and I'm the only one I need to please around here (other than Remy and Shama, of course)!

    No doubt, it and other shows of its ilk, like "MasterChef" aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I like them both, and I always watch both shows.

    That Jessica sure is being portrayed as a real little prissy, know-it-all-you-know-what. It's all good editing, of course...but if she really is like how she's being sold to us...I hope she falls flat on her face in a cream-filled, icing sugar-coated plate floating in bowl of oil. That should sort her out quick-smart! lol

  5. She's so strange, surely you can make an exception and look.

  6. It is ok to watch a show because you want to. :) Last year I watched some bits of one of those restaurant shows. However, for me, the biggest problem with tuning into these shows are twofold -

    1. They never start at the advertised times, so I get frustrated with waiting and tune into something else instead.

    2. Even if I set mystar to record them, and even if I add an hour to the start and the end, I will end up missing bits because the TV channels cannot run shows on time.

    So while I did want to watch the restaurant show, I ended up giving up because it was all too hard.

    I have a friend who works for one of the TV stations and he said the channels do this time stuff on purpose, because they think if their show runs over people won't change the channel. They seem to forget to take into account those of us waiting for the next show to start will just wander off elsewhere and never tune in at all!

    I've been watching The Restaurant Man on SBS and enjoying that, just lately. It is on tonight at 8:30pm :)

  7. I know my son and his wife like the cooking show..chopped I believe that it called.

    Coffee is on

  8. fishducky; me too! I don't eat it much because the cooking messes up the hotplates with all the spattering of juices and oil.

    Elephant's Child; probably "organic" water (*~*) I can send you my copy, yes? no?

    Andrew; I hope they don't use the entire season for everyone else then put her on last when I'm so sick of watching.

    Jacqueline; inventive is what I'm hoping to see.

    Lee; I've never watched any of the cooking shows. I'm hoping, like Jacqueline, that Jessica has some inventiveness that will make, no-carb; no-frying; no whatever look and taste interesting.

    Joanne; I will be watching, but I'll be disappointed if they save her for the very end of the season.

  9. Those ads are exactly "the hook" to get people watching.
    Usually taken out of context, and always sensational remarks so that we will be curious, watch the shows and up the ratings.

    I won't watch it. Rigged reality shows leave me cold with their formulaic formats...

  10. Vicki; I've said I'll watch this round and i will, but after that, forget it. I just hope they put Jessica on near the beginning of the series so I don't have to watch too much. on the other hand, if it is in a time slot that clashes with The Blacklist, I'll be watching that instead.

    1. I've seen you mention the Blacklist, and may have a look at the first season on DVD.
      Don't usually watch crime dramas much - again, they're mostly formulaic. But Blacklist might just be an exception :)

    2. Let me know what you think of it.

  11. You see that's how they get people in, by suspense, contradiction, so they the people will watch.
    I won't watch it :)

  12. Margaret-whiteangel; I know the advertising tricks, but I'm really curious to know what this Jessica will cook, when her own diet is so limited.


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