Sunday Selections # 258

Welcome back to Sunday Selections!

This once-a- week-meme was originally begun by Kim of Frog Ponds Rock, as a way to showcase some of the many photos we all take, but don't get around to showing on our blogs.

The rules are very simple:-
1. post photos of your choice, old or new, under the Sunday Selections title
2. link back to me, River, somewhere in your post
3. leave me a comment so that I know you've joined in and can come over and see what you've posted.
4. hop on over to Elephant’s Child to see more of her wonderful photos.
  Andrew often joins in too.

I usually go with a theme for my Sunday Selections and this week we're back in my garden, having a look at the pot plants I brought here from P's front porch.

P's front porch is set back further than my garden, and doesn't get much direct sunlight until quite late in the afternoon, so I've put most of her pots along the back edge behind my plum trees. Some I've put where they will get more sun, because I'm sure they will manage just fine.

the pot this aeonium is in is very brittle, it's plastic and was out in the sun at the front corner of P's porch for years. I'll have to repot the plant in the autumn.

here is the top half of that very leggy aeonium. Last year it had a large flower,  I took a photo, but can't remember which folder it is in.

here is Angel hiding under a chair.

this three tiered cane stand is in good condition, it had a pot on the top level, (dead parsley) and a bag of peat soil on the bottom. The middle had junk including a rather lovely old wallet. I put that back inside P's home with all her other things.

a three legged cauldron with one broken foot, so I propped it up against my steps. I'm not sure if it has any drainage holes, probably not. I'll transfer the contents to a plastic pot with drain holes, then stand that back in the cauldron. I'm not sure what is in here, I pulled up a clump of the grassy looking stuff and it has a bulb at the base, so I put it back in and I'll wait to see if anything grows. There is also a rather long cutting from the hoya, which I have hooked up over the railing for now, I'll fix it on properly after I repot.

these yellow leaves are a climbing geranium, they should be bright green, but are in a pot with no drainage and haven't been watered in quite some time. Another one that needs to be repotted, then it should be okay. It will need a support to climb on though, I'll have to get a frame next time I'm at the nursery. 

three small pots. The red one on the left holds the climbing geranium and a tall cutting from a small leaf jade. It's a decorative pot, no drainage, so these things will go into a plastic pot, I've got plenty of those, then sit back in the red pot for a while, until they grow out of it.  The middle pot is also decorative only, no drainage and it has a climbing plant I can't remember the name of, just a very small piece which is all that is left of the original. The soil in those two was very soggy after I watered them, I'll have to be sure and not water those two pots until they dry out and get repotted.  The pot on the right is a regular terracotta pot, I'm not sure what is in it, a tiny green cutting of something.

this healthy looking specimen is a dragon tree, according to the label still stuck in the pot. It's quite tall, up to my chest and I really hope it survives. I love dragon trees. 

one empty hanging pot, quite large and had slimy sludge in the bottom.

this (ironwood?) woman is quite lovely and she is holding up

this metal pot of hoya. I won't repot this as hoya prefers to be potbound.

this jade has grown from a small piece I gave to P when she first moved in three and a half years ago. She was able to get around then although already very thin and unsteady (anorexic), she'd said she admired my jades which were then still in pots on my porch, so I broke her off a piece and it has done well.

A baby philodendron, the same as I had three of in my previous home. I'll leave it in the shade behind my plum trees and it will be fine. There is a tiny piece of small leaf jade in there too, I'll move that into its own pot in the autumn.

this fat stem belongs to the small leafed jade which has grown quite tall and spindly. After it settles in I'll trim it a bit to encourage extra branches.

the same small leafed jade seen from the other side.

this wire covered pot has another hoya cutting which I have also hooked over the railing, and a long stem of small leafed jade. I think every time a piece of the jade got broken off, P stuck it in the nearest pot. 

an empty pot, I don't know what was in here, it was very dead and dry so I pulled it out.

The next few photos are from my front porch, my own plants not the new ones from P.

my donkey tail has a flower! I didn't know these things flowered at all, so I was very surprised to see this tiny bright yellow bloom.

notice the difference in colour when the photo is taken in the early morning light. The previous photo was taken in the late afternoon light.

see the young praying mantis?  He is about three inches long now, I've been watching him grow for a while, this is his third summer. The "plant" he is living in is a fake, plasticised fabric.

here he is again, with the camera held almost upside down.


  1. She had quite a collection of plants. I hope they do well for you. Your own certainly look healthy.

  2. Love the ironwood lady. I am really pleased that the plants have come somewhere they can be looked after and P remembered.

  3. You have your work cut out with so many new plants and it is the wrong time of year to do much with them. We had quite a large donkey tail plant once and I can not recall it ever flowering.

  4. I love the pic of Angel, though she probably thinks we can't see her:)

  5. I'm sure it won't take long for the plants to begin flourishing once again, with care, attention, sunshine and water...and P's memory will continue.

    Have yourself a good week, River. stay cool...cuddles to Angel.

  6. Joanne; the busiest part will be finding permanent spots for all these, there's going to be quite a bit of pot shuffling as I position, stand back and look, maybe reposition. Then comes the trimming and nurturing, which doesn't take all that much time.

    Delores; I gave her a couple of things and I think each of her carers brought things for Christmases and birthdays. I remember a pot of lovely crysanthemums, I think they were the dead things I pulled out of the empty pot pictured just before my donkey tail.

    Elephant's Child; I love her too and would like to know where she came from; I'd buy more plant supports like that.

    Andrew; it really is far too hot and I'll have to leave them to settle in for the rest of the summer before I start any re-potting etc. I can probably trim off dead shoots etc and position the pots. I think my first job is to re-pot those that are in non-draining pots so they don't drown.
    There are different varieties of donkey tail, perhaps some don't flower. I didn't think mine did.

    Sandra Cox; welcome to drifting. Angel is a boy, two years old, and probably didn't know I had the camera.

    Lee; this first summer in a different location will see what survives and what doesn't, I have high hopes, since none of them is of a delicate nature.
    Cuddles to Remy amd Shama too.

  7. All are looking a bit sad and sorry but will respond to some tender loving care I am sure, some interesting plants there.

  8. Lots of work there to be done.
    I don't have hardly any pots.

  9. Merle; they've been sadly neglected, I was only able to water them when she was in hospital. any other time she wasn't happy about people doing things she thought she should be doing herself.

    Margaret-whiteangel; Not so much work, mostly trying to find where they should sit permanently. I used to have lots of pots, then I planted the stuff in the garden; now the pots are building up again.

  10. A big job ahead resurrecting those plants but with your green thumb I feel they will be doing well in no time at all even with the hot weather you will continue to have. I am sure P was just too ill to bother much with her plants and they will enjoy your caring for them.
    Love the little yellow flower. I've never seen a plant like that and love it's shape.
    Angel knows the best place to get out of the sun as does Candy when outside.

  11. I love the lady statue. :) I will keep a good thought for these plants!

  12. I simply love the statue. Its wonderful. So glad it has a home in your garden. The praying mantis is cute :) Thank you for the trip around P's plants. I am happy they found a home instead of the tip.

    I joined in this week for Sunday selections. XOXO

  13. Lovely to see your new garden additions. I'm sure they will flourish under your care.

    That cauldron is a beauty, even with a broken foot. Love it.

    I've noticed that succulents are the new "trend" in plants at the moment - lots of them featured on instagram.

    Very nice to see that your wee Praying Mantis is still with you and growing well :)

  14. I know you will give all these things a good home. Hopefully her relatives are able to tidy all their loose ends soon. Going through all the old stuff is so terribly hard.


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