Thursday Thoughts # 79

from The Shepherd's Crown by Terry Pratchett
  "It was one of those days that you put away and remember."

   "But the reward for lots of work seemed to be lots more. If you dug the biggest hole, they just gave you a bigger shovel."

from The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett
   "Ratbag went back to sleep, twitching occasionally as he disembowelled something in his fat cat dreams."

Today's Thoughts:

Why is the letter W pronounced double U when it is clearly a double V? Why don't we say double V?

I've noticed over the last few years, many washing powders are being replaced with a liquid variety, with all kinds of fancy scents in them. Fancy scents which I do not like at all. Even the ones labelled "Sunshine Freshness" don't smell anything like freshly sun-dried sheets.

Now I have nothing against laundry liquid, they're a great idea for those people who use too much powder and find it hasn't all dissolved properly leaving marks on their clothing. 
but I do wish some manufacturers would realise that not everyone wants to use them. Some of us, like me, prefer the powder variety. 

Because my washing machine does not have a liquid dispenser option in the soap tray. It's powder only. 
And because I don't think those bottles of liquid last as long as a box of powder does.

So I hope there will always be a laundry powder option available when I'm shopping. This is a problem in itself. I usually buy a truck load of laundry powder all at once when it's on special.  I think it's been close to three years since I bought any and I still have a half a dozen boxes left which will last me at least a year. 
Now it's decision time. Do I go out and buy more now while it is available? Or do I wait until I've almost run out and hope I can still get the brand I prefer, because it doesn't make me itch and  it's cheap. 

I'm watching Warehouse 13 and Artie has just said to Claudia, "what makes you so sure?" and Claudia has replied "because I know you."
I hear this a lot on TV and read it in books too and I'm envious of those who are able to get close enough to their friends to understand them so well they can say this. "I know you". 
I have family and friends and acquaintances, some I have known for quite some time, but I've never understood any of them well enough to "know them". Delving deeply into emotions, my own and those of family and friends, isn't something I do. I'm one of those "surface" people, (shallow?) who simply take things the way they seem and that's good enough. 
Is this a bad thing? Should I try harder? Because I don't think I can. It isn't part of who I am.


  1. Hi River,

    I think I know people but mostly I don't. Equally they don't know me either - nobody does.

    You will be pleased to know that W in German is pronounced "V".




  2. Just be yourself. No-one can do it better than you, and your best is pretty damn good.
    Love those Terry Pratchett quotes.

  3. If you are sure your washer will last another year or so I'd say go ahead and grab the bargains. I don't know people either by the way.

  4. In the words of that very wise Sailor Man, Popeye - "I yam what I yam, and that's all tha' I yam!"

    And if people don't like it, tough cheddar; that's their problem...they don't me at all! ;)

    One is the only one who knows one's self matter what anyone else might say!

    My washing machine takes liquid laundry detergent, but I prefer to use powder, so that's what I use. To solve any powder residue appearing on any of my clothes, etc., I just dissolve the powder in a little hot water first before pouring it into my machine! Simple remedy - easy-peasy.

  5. fishducky; I yam wot I yam (Popeye)

    Plasman; it's just so hard to 'read' people. Honest faces are so often attached to liars.
    I knew about the German, also their Y is pronounced J and their J is pronounced Y, now that I think about it, their V is pronounced W.

    Elephant's Child; I'm finding that not many books have enough quotable passages lately.

    Delores; my washer will last forever, it is around 20 now and still going like new. The powder isn't on special right now but I bought four boxes this morning. With what I already had in the cupboard I'll have enough now for close to two and a half years, three if I'm careful.

    Lee; I quoted part of that Popeye saying to fishducky above. I'm not concerned about who I am, I just wish I understood other people better. Still, I've managed without that for so many years already, I probably shouldn't worry about it now.
    I've heard about mixing the powder with water first, if your machine is fitted with a liquid dispenser that would work well. I don't get powder residue on anything because I use half the recommended amount and sometimes less than that is clothes aren't actually dirty, but have just been worn. Most clothes just get a tablespoon of powder, teatowels and oven mitts get more powder and hotter water. Stains like spaghetti sauce or anything oily, get a handwash with velvet laundry soap before going in the machine.

  6. Vot you on about?

    Because you don't wear your heart on your sleeve doesn't mean you don't have emotions. You are just self contained and quite accepting, I think.

    15kg Cold Power or Omo at Big W for under $50. Good luck getting that home on the bus.

  7. I try and accept people for who they are without delving too deep. I tend to be trusting as well, perhaps too much so at times. I guess I look for the good in people rather than the bad. I think I know Phil really well and can often anticipate his reaction to a situation.
    I have a washer my brother bought me when my old one began leaking water badly. It has a liquid dispense so I now use liquid which seems to work well. I also use a fabric softener which has its own litele well to sit in while the washing is being done and then very cleverly it joins the rinsing water. I find the liquid detergent lasts for months but then I only ever do big loads to save water and electricity for that matter. I no longer wash anything by hand if I can possibly avoid doing so.

  8. I use earth choice because I use it in the garden, I have to prepare for a load of washing all the water is collected and put on the garden so I get lots of exercise when washing. If I use the highly perfumed ones I can't stop sneezing and lots of them make my skin angry .
    Nobody knows you all that well they just think they do, it's nice to be surprised by a good friend when they do something unexpected and life is about change.

  9. I prefer liquid instead of powder and always put the liquid in first then water, when mixed a little add the washing, always a good result to me.

  10. Andrew; it's other people I don't understand, I know myself quite well. I buy Duo powder it's $4.99 a box,and doesn't make me itch. Cold Power I don't like the smell of and Omo is expensive. I used to buy Drive but can't find it now.

    Mimsie; I take a lot on face value and mostly I don't mind, but when I hear something like that on TV I wonder how it is that some people understand others so well. I don't even fully understand my kids and I raised them.
    Nice of your brother to buy you a washing machine. Top loader or front loader. All machines these days have a separate well for the fabric softener.

    Merle; my daughter uses Earth Choice sometimes, but doesn't bother with putting any on the garden, she only has a small patch of weedy grass, they're not gardeners. I agree with the highly perfumed stuff, makes me irritated too.

    Margaret-whiteangel; it sounds like you have a top loader machine to be able to mix detergent and water before adding clothes. Mine is a front loader. Can't open the door to add clothes after the water is in.

  11. As for me I actually prefer liquid. Don't know why but it seems much more easily in use. Though lots of my co-workers at use powder. They say that it seems to them that it washes better than liquid one.


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