It's called a CRYPTO LOCKER virus and if you get it, it locks up all your files and they can only be unlocked by paying for a code from the virus people. 

It's lately attached to emails from Australia Post, saying you have a parcel to collect,
or from the Federal Police claiming you have a fine.

Before you click any links, read the email address it's actually from and ask yourself how would they know my email address to send me this message. 

Even if you are expecting a parcel, the people you've ordered from wouldn't pass your email address to Australia Post.

Be careful people, be aware of who is sending you emails. 


  1. Thanks for the warning...I'll keep my eyes open. This sort of thing takes a lot of joy out of using a computer.

  2. Thanks. In general I no longer open any link sent to email, even from people I know because these scammers can be so deceptive, but sometimes I do let my guard down.

  3. NEVER open any email you aren't sure of!!

  4. Delores; it's sad when even something fun isn't as free and easy as it used to be.

    joeh; good idea, better safe than sorry.

    fishducky; exactly, but some people just don't check and open everything willy-nilly.


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