guess who came to me for a cuddle?

that's the culprit right there. 
 Owner of all the hair I had to clean off the table and keyboard.


  1. Incredible the trails they can leave behind. It's astounding that they're not bald by the end of the day.

  2. Little bits of love fluff....all over the place.

  3. I still can hear my sister when I came home with Toby--"another long hair!" She loves him anyway. Today we have to take a huge mat off his tummy. Won't he love that. Long hair joys.

  4. Hi River,

    My Hellcat does exactly that - and treatens to tear my head off if I move her.




  5. Save it--you could probably build yourself a new cat in a couple of weeks!!

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  7. I am laughing at fishducky's comment. HUG B

  8. I was going to suggest you get yourself a loom and start weaving! My two are shedding fur everywhere, and along with my own, perhaps I, too, should get a loom! As I usually don't follow even my own advice...I no doubt won't!! :)

    Have a good week, River....cuddles to Angel.

  9. All too familiar. As I clean before our visitor arrives I am appalled by the patina of fur. On everything.
    I am thinking (not seriously) of the book himself gave me about crafts to make with cat hair. I would have an unlimited supply.

  10. Angel, you are beautiful. Oh, that tail.

  11. She is a bit like my Gargie a cat I owned a while back she was a long hair with a wonderful tail but everytime she got up from a sleep there was a pile of fur and if she had been in the garden a few sticks and leaves were left behind to.
    But longhairs are beautiful cats.

  12. You can't give him a bit of clean with the vacuum cleaner each day?

  13. Marty Damon; the trails are like the lines on a road map, criss crossing and leading everywhere.

    Delores; ALL over the place. I could sweep three times a day and it wouldn't make a bit of difference.

    Joanne; I take care of the tummy mats when they are small. Angel loves a belly rub and has got used to me snipping off each small mat as I find it. I keep a small pair of scissors near the computer and let him know what I'm doing before I start.

    fishducky; no thank you! one cat is enough. Besides the fluff is usually mixed with dust and stray human hair.

    Buttons Thoughts; laughing here too.

    Lee; a nearby neighbour has a loom and four cats, she collects their hair and has woven small mats etc from it, for her cats to lie on. She also has a cat hair vest she made and wears, it's pretty and very soft.

    Elephant's Child; patina or carpet? The area under my couch is completely covered in cat hair as is the top platform on his climbing tower. Those are the areas he sleeps. The rest of the place is tumbleweed style which rolls around according to air currents.

    Tracy; he is beautiful and at long last is getting used to being brushed, but only his back and sides and only while he is eating.

    Merle; I used to get a brush and clean up every time Angel woke from a sleep, then he started sleeping under the couch which weighs a ton so I can't move it. And I am always picking up tiny twigs and leaves that he brings in from outside.

    Angel; no. he used to play with the vacuum when he was tiny, chasing after it as I cleaned, now he takes off like a rocket whenever I vacuum near him.


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