the grapes! the grapes!

the grapes are back in town!

for a while now we've had USA grown grapes in the supermarkets and I've been waiting for the Australian grown grapes to appear. 
Nothing wrong with them,I just don't think it's fair that my fruit should have to travel so very many miles just to get onto my table. 
And I prefer to support my own country. Buy Australian whenever I can.
So I've been grapeless for many months now.

Late Wednesday I saw the sign by the grapes, 'Australian Grown' and did a little happy dance right there. Got a funny look from a customer and explained I'd been waiting for Aussie grown grapes, she smiled and walked on quite quickly, surely I didn't scare her?

and here are the salads I bought earlier that day, just so you can see the packets and know what to look for if you want to buy them yourselves.

kale coleslaw on the left, leaf mix on the right

carrot, red cabbage, green stuff.

held closed with a nice big bulldog clip.

the leafy blend, a nice mix of colours in there, but no lettuce. I'll have to add a few baby cos leaves to each serving, maybe toss in some cherry tomatoes.

this is my Christmas Day dessert, Christmas cake, home made by my valued friend EC, drowned in custard, also home made, by me.
now for something special:

great-nephew E wearing his t-shirt as a hat.


  1. I saw grapes in the supermarket maybe six weeks ago. I thought it was a strange time of the year to see them. I did not check where they were from as they were around $6 per kilo.

  2. Green seedless grapes are my favourite...ours are all imports right now but I did buy some for Christmas.

  3. Enjoy your grapes--& your great-nephew!!

  4. Andrew; I always check where my fruit and veg come from.

    Delores; I like the green seedless best and the black seedless which have a shorter season are also really nice, but they leave my tongue black so I can only eat them if I'm not going anywhere later.

    fishducky; I'm enjoying the grapes very much. The great-nephew lives way across town, 40 minutes by car and I don't drive, so it's a much longer trip by bus and I haven't yet worked out which ones go there.

  5. Mmmm grapes. And yes, where possible I prefer my fruit (and everything) to be grown/produced here.
    I am so pleased you liked the Christmas cake. I finally had a piece of ours the other day, and it was quite good.
    Love your great-nephew.

  6. The pudding and the cake look as yummy as that sweet little boy. Aren't they funny.

  7. Elephant's Child; I like the idea of supporting our local farmers. I buy Australian when it's available and if SOUTH Australian is available, that's my first choice.
    I'm going to try your cake recipe in the winter, I meant to last winter, but never got around to it.
    E is a cutie, just beginning to develop his cheeky side.

    Joanne; he is a sweetie, but usually very serious, the fun side is just beginning to grow.

  8. OHHH those are so lovely.

    And I think we should all try to buy local stuff whenever we can - saves gas and helps people with jobs... although? Often farmers hire illegal immigrants here so it gets a bit tricky when you deal with food and such.

  9. Happy Elf Christine; sad about the illegal immigrants, but that doesn't affect the food, it is still grown locally so is okay to buy. What bothers me more is the illegals may not be getting decent pay for their work.

  10. I went out the other day with me t-shirt on my head...I did receive a lot of weird looks! ;)


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