Sunday Selections # 261

Welcome back to Sunday Selections!

This once-a- week-meme was originally begun by Kim of Frog Ponds Rock, as a way to showcase some of the many photos we all take, but don't get around to showing on our blogs.

The rules are very simple:-
1. post photos of your choice, old or new, under the Sunday Selections title
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4. hop on over to Elephant’s Child to see more of her wonderful photos.
  Andrew often joins in too.

I usually go with a theme for my Sunday Selections and this week I have some photos of the goings on in our Victoria Square recently.  I took these on the day of our first cloudburst day, you'll notice the clouds in several of these photos that I took while waiting for my bus.

I was crossing the road so couldn't stop in the middle to photograph the front of this, the other side of the blue tube reads Welcome To The Adelaide City Council Tour Village.

It was Tour Down Under (TDU) week here in Adelaide.
Bicycles and lycra clad bums everywhere.

Victoria Square was set up for viewing action with giant TV screens and several plastic inflatable torsos, headless and armless, as you see here.

There were more than a few tents serving refreshments of the alcoholic kind, probably soft drinks too, maybe even tea and coffee and I'm sure a couple of them supplied food too.

Pure Blonde is a popular beer variety.

giant inflatable handlebars belonging to>>

this giant inflatable bicycle.

Just one of many groups of amateur riders who cycled all over the place during TDU week. some just around the city, many others following the same routes (or parts of them) the professional cyclists took.

away from the alcohol area was a small section of tents set up for kids to be entertained with paints and crafts.

I believe Camelback is a brand name; this stall was selling backpacks, caps, drink bottles and high-viz safety equipment, as well as novelty items.

On the tram stop side of Victoria Square were the many flags of participating countries. I recognised a few. Australia at the fron there, followed by the Adelaide City Council flag, then Germany.

I DON'T have the order correct, but we have Slovenia, Austria, England, France, Italy,

America, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland,

and others. I believe the Netherlands is in there, as I'm sure I recognised a Dutch accent being spoken by a girl walking past.

If you recognise any of the flags that I haven't mentioned let me know in the comments.

there were maps showing the routes taken during the various stages of the rides, you'll notice maps two, three, and four show the hilly areas, it's quite a tough ride over many kilometres.

a wall of greenery to beautify the amenities block, a series of porta loos was behind here.

another view of the giant bike.

across the road, behind my bus stop, the flower garden was fenced off to prevent trampling of the lawn and flowers, and also to prevent theft from those lockers.

the storage lockers were temporary and guarded by security people, I believe the bicycles and other gear were stored in them overnight.

one of the TV screens showing a Peloton, which is what a group of riders is called.

same screen, different view.

same screen, aerial view, this one from a media helicopter I think. 
There were media vans, police cars and police motorbikes following along every day, all the way and an ambulance too, just in case. 

Then my bus came around the corner and I had to get on, the temperature was dropping and I knew it would rain. Wasn't expecting the cloudburst though. On the news later I saw images of people rushing around in Victoria Square looking for shelter.


  1. Lots of colour and excitement. Great shots.

  2. You certainly captured the event, sans cloudburst. I like the plant wall.

  3. The 3rd flag in the photo in NOT Germany--it's the US--loved the inflatable bike!!

  4. It is such a big event with what seems to be a good atmosphere. It is a pity it does not receive better coverage in the rest of Australia.

  5. Love the plant wall.
    My Adelaide based bike obsessed brother would have loved that (sans the rain). He used to (and probably still tries to) ride several hundred kilometres a week.

  6. I hope the week turned out well for all those who participated in it in whatever way. It looks like a lot of work and effort went into the special let's hope everyone did well from it...the cyclists and the vendors.

    A great array of pics, River.

    I hope you have a wonderful week ahead...cuddles to Angel. :)

  7. Good to have a looksee around the event River. Thanks. Glad you were safe in the bus before the cloudburst. Though getting caught in the rain is fun sometimes.

  8. Your bus stop is pretty interesting, great pictures all I ever see at ours is cars going past, rain everywhere at the moment.

  9. Delores; it's a very colourful event.

    Joanne; it's easy to capture when so much is crammed in a smallish area.

    fishducky; oops, got that wrong didn't I? not on purpose and I did mention America further down.

    Andrew; it's just an SA event then? I thought it covered other cities too. I can understand it not being in the news then, Eastern states media thinks the world stops at the Blue Mountains.

    Elephant's Child; several hundred kilometres?! He'd do well in one of our amateur groups. I can't even get around the block; you should see how much dust has gathered on my bike.

    Lee; it's a yearly event and goes over well with almost everyone. There's a few who dislike the disruptions to traffic and detouring buses etc. but it's only a week.

    Tracy; glad you liked it. The cloudburst didn't happen until I was safely home, I showed those photos last week.

    Merle; there are several places in the city where I can get my bus, this is the prettiest.

  10. Thanks for that tour.
    That bike is very large..

  11. I left Adelaide just as this was becoming a regular event. Thanks for the visit home as a surprise! ;)

  12. Margaret-whiteangel; large enough to be seen from quite a long way. I first saw it when I was on a bus and wished I'd remembered the camera.

    Snoskred; that long ago? I don't remember what year they first began, but I remember being extremely annoyed by the road closure at Norwood when I was walking to work. I had to detour quite a long way to get to work.


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