purr purr purr

extremely hindered here
 by a large fluffy, purring kitty 
lying across my arms. 

And I'm getting hungry....


  1. Shama is curled up on my desk, up close and personal to my keyboard; and Remy has stolen my computer chair while I sit upon an uncomfortable one! What's new? ;)

  2. Awww...but.....what a way to go.

  3. I know that feeling well.

  4. How sweet. I remember when I had a cat :)

  5. Lee; what's new is Angel hasn't immobilised my arms like this for quite a while. He usually jumps up, looks at the space between me and the keyboard, then curls up beside it.

    Delores; it was nice for a while, but he's a warm and heavy cat and I needed lunch.

    Merle; it's a good feeling.

    Margaret-whiteangel; it's something never forgotten.

  6. The rat doesn't have to go to Las Vegas to gamble, he lives in a gambling town where you are treated better.

  7. Miss Frankie does that to me all.the.time. Lies right across my right wrist making movement impossible. She yells at me if I try to my hand. Now if you would only learn to lie on my left arm, all would be well.

  8. ... Hi Angel.... I hope you move so Mum can have her lunch..... you're a good boy...* pat pat pat*

    Hi River ...I do hope you are all refreshed and no longer hungry.. hehehe.....have a good day..
    Hugs ..Barb xxx

  9. Angel would not make a good snack!

    I miss kitty cuddles terribly, give Angel an extra from me please.

  10. I'd say that's a nice problem to have :-)

  11. BBC; I knew that, just thought he was getting a change of scenery.

    Grace; all cats are alike it seems. Angel takes up half the table. Of course it's a small table anyway, but still, he's a big boy.

    barbara; he did move off eventually, I mentioned brushing, since he seemed prepared to just lie there, but he doesn't like to be brushed much so off he went.

    Jacquelineand....no, he's way too furry; bad enough I get mouthfuls of cat fluff (not literally) every time I pat him.

    Kathy G; much nicer in winter, but he doesn't come for cuddles as often as he used to, so I didn't mind too much.


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