Calendar Tuesday

I have three new calendars this year. One that came free with a magazine and two that I bought on purpose because I just couldn't resist them.

On the first Tuesday of each month, I will show you the pictures on that month's page.

Here are the January pictures.

this is the calendar that came free with the "Country Home Ideas" magazine. I've hung this calendar in my lounge room, close to my table, but far enough behind that I have to actually get my bum off the chair if I want to check anything on any of the dates. 
See? I'm exercising! Well, sort of (*~*)

this is the January page of my kitchen calendar. I simply couldn't resist buying something titled ''
Two potato head policemen standing over a dead ear of corn. The words read, "Looks like there's a cereal killer on the loose Wilkins"
At the end of December 2016, all of these are getting framed and hung on the kitchen wall!
They'll be grouped in three rows of four.

these next photos are all the same calendar, it hangs in my bathroom, close to the loo for easy reading, but high enough to be out of the way.

Pretending to be a Normal Person Day After Day is Totally Exhausting.

Designed by Suzy Toronto, this one practically jumped off the newsagent stand into my waiting hands. I loved it without even opening the pages. I had to have it!

Here are the words:

I'll print them below in case you can't see them well enough.

"William Shakespeare wrote,
'This above all:
to thine own self be true.' 
Boy, did he nail it on the head!

A lot of us go through phases 
where we think we have to be, 
 act, and look like everyone else
in order to fit in.
I tried it, and it didn't work.
Now I realize,
God doesn't want an orchestra 
of identical instruments
all playing the same tune.
so I let go of the status quo
and decided to just be me.
Besides, pretending to be 
a normal person
day after day is exhausting!


  1. It sure is exhausting.

  2. What a fun idea. I love diaries, planners and calendars.

  3. Brilliant. I have a fridge magnet which reads 'the only normal people are those you don't know very well'.
    Which I suspect is true.

  4. The first one will be interesting to see exposed over time. The second is funny and I like it.

  5. Delores; I was wondering why I was tired most of last year, now I know.

    Claire; me too, but I have to restrain my purchasing now that I'm retired.

    Elephant's Child; that's a great magnet! I don't see many good ones these days, so I've pretty much stopped looking.

    fishducky; there's nothing better than getting a giggle while looking at the date the next bill is due.

    Andrew; I like the first one and if the pictures were smaller I could group those in frames too. The pictures on the violent veg one are only five 1/2 inches by four 1/2 inches, so they'll group nicely above my fridge.

  6. I've yet to get a 2016 calendar. I've not hung one on the wall/s in ages. Usually a smallish one with magnet on the back turns up in the mailbox from one of the local real estate agencies. I'll stick it on the fridge and perhaps get another small one to take up residence on my bedside table.

    I'm sorry you decided not to read my lengthy story re the Christmas cyclone on Newry Island, River. I'd posted the original story four years ago before you began reading my blog; but as I said in my response to yours...never mind...the world will still rotate whether you read it or not. :)

  7. I have a few calendars too. One I made via vistaprint, a magnetic on for the fridge and a freebie one for filling in with bits and pieces of info throughout the year.
    I agree wholeheartedly with Shakespeare.

  8. Remember the days when you were given a beautiful calendar for 'free', rarely seen these day.
    We haven't got one, only on our computers..

  9. Lee; I read back quite a way through your older posts when I first found you, but probably not far enough to find the cyclone ones.

    Tracy; I had a vista print one several years ago with Images from the Stargate TV show. I still have it somewhere.

    Margaret-whiteangel; there are still freebie ones available, mostly from chemists and hardware stores, but they're covered in product advertisements so I don't like them.

  10. I love calendars! I'd have one in every room if I could, and still want more!
    There are SO MANY wonderful ones out there...

    I love your choices here.
    The country mag freebie looks like one I'd like to have, and the third one is priceless - and one I'd relate to. Might look that one up.

    I gave up trying to be "a normal person" years ago. Too hard, living up to others' expectations :D
    I used to ask, "define normal"? No one really could, so.....

    And, I like EC's magnet quote.
    Also priceless - and true :)

    I bought my son a spoon for Christmas.
    A lovely vintage spoon with the words CEREAL KILLER stamped on the inner "bowl".
    He loves it.
    Your second calendar reminded me.

  11. Hey wow! I only have one calendar unless you count the dry-erase one my little kids use all the time. I always wind up clicking a tab on my computer!

  12. Vicki; a cereal killer spoon! I love that and my son would too, well, both of them and probably the grandsons too.
    I know what you mean about too many fabulous choices out there, I had an armful of calendars at one point and wanted all of them. I eventually settled on the two, then picked up the third with a magazine.

    happy Elf Christine; my mum only ever had one calendar, in the kitchen beside the fridge. I don't think I'd like a computer calendar, I'd have to turn on the computer every time I wanted to check a date or make a note on a date and I'd find that annoying.


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