here we go again

Strong winds and heavy rain lashing Adelaide again as I type this, the rain began last night with a steady downpour and lessened this morning, but the rain returned later this afternoon and the winds rose a bit later.
More flash flooding is expected. 
Most unusual for this time of year. 


  1. Good luck. I hope the damage is kept to a minimum. We have had showers. And some thunder. Mostly very, very light rain.

  2. Calm here now, but more rain to come.

  3. Elephant's Child; that's how we started before the first flash flood day. Hopefully you'll just get more rain, without the extremes. It's cold here too, I have my winter pjs on and my fluffy slippers.

    Andrew; I know you're okay for now, but Sydney is experiencing storms like we are. I hope Merle is okay.

  4. A fair bit of rain here for this time of year and it's not finished yet.

  5. El Nino all over the world I guess, stay dry and stay safe.

  6. Strange weather seems to be the order of the year.

  7. We are due for some rain, but hoping it doesn't come down in buckets!

  8. Hi River,

    Strangely, that's the weather we are suffering from at this moment. Floods, gusts and endless rain!




  9. We are in dire need of rain here in Southern California!!

  10. Merle; we're having a dry day today, but the gardens are all wonderfully damp now and won't need watering for at least a week.

    Joeh; always safe, not always dry. i don't mind getting rained on.

    Joanne; and all over the world too.

    linda Kay; look upward before you venture out, if you see buckets let me know, I could use a few.

    Plasman; but it's winter there. Aren't you supposed to be buried in snow by now?

    fishducky; come down and get some, we can spare you a bucket or two.

  11. We're copping storms up this way, too. North of Brisbane copped it last night. We got some nice rain, and it's raining lightly again now, but it hasn't yet managed to get rid of the's so muggy. It's hard not to feel cranky in this weather! lol

  12. Oh dear me...we had flooding in some areas...more lightening lit more fires..


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