Sunday Selections # 260

Welcome back to Sunday Selections!

This once-a- week-meme was originally begun by Kim of Frog Ponds Rock, as a way to showcase some of the many photos we all take, but don't get around to showing on our blogs.

The rules are very simple:-
1. post photos of your choice, old or new, under the Sunday Selections title
2. link back to me, River, somewhere in your post
3. leave me a comment so that I know you've joined in and can come over and see what you've posted.
4. hop on over to Elephant’s Child to see more of her wonderful photos.
  Andrew often joins in too.

I usually go with a theme for my Sunday Selections and this week I have photographical evidence of the cloudburst and flash flooding we experienced here in Adelaide on Friday, 22nd January.

I'd noticed clouds building up while I was in the city and by the time I was almost home I saw the sky was covered, no blue left. I took this through the window of the bus.

also through the window of the bus.

walking from the bus stop to home,

I remember hoping it would rain. (be careful what you wish for)

that dark patch on the lower left is a chubby little flying dragon.

looking very dark over in the south.

almost home now, this house is next to the one that was demolished and I've heard that this is also to be put up for sale soon. The elderly gentleman who lives there is ill in hospital again. 

less than half an hour after I walked inside the rain came down

and just kept coming.

dripping off my porch railing,

fat drops splatting onto the porch, heading towards the front door.

in no time at all, the flash flooding started. This is my street at the end of the driveway, the dark patch in the middle is all I could see of the road. The lighter patches are rivers of floodwater rushing down from the east.

a slightly closer look.

rushing water building up against the wheel of a parked car,

the same water rushing past a stobie pole right by the end of the driveway, on the footpath!

very unusual to see a bus coming down my small side street

there must have been some sort of hold up caused by the flooding at the top end intersection, causing the bus to take this detour.

It rained for quite a while but by dinner time, the sky was clear blue and the sun was shining, the flood waters disappeared very quickly too.

Saturday, (yesterday),  I headed to the shop for my newspaper and some fruit and noticed this>>>

a hole in the footpath, (actually the 'nature' strip, but I call the whole thing footpath) about a metre long, this is right beside the driveway.

a little further along, another hole in the footpath.

quite large too, my foot might have fit in it, but that is mud in the bottom so I didn't check.

here you can see the "high tide" mark on the footpath. Okay, on the nature strip.

further down and across the road, more of the footpath has washed away.

the sky was blue, the sun was shining, but in the east the storm clouds were building up again.

they're pretty with the sun shining behind them.
The sky was completely grey by the time I was on my way home with my newspaper, but we had no more rain.

this is Sweetie and she is a sweetie. One of Angel's friends, she lives a few flats away and rarely comes this close. I think she was looking for Angel, so I let him out to play.
If you enlarge the photo, you'll see she has lovely light green eyes.


  1. I wondered what was happening to the infrastructure as that water pounded through. Water carries a lot of force, as the pavement learned.

  2. Angel's Sweetie is a truly a sweetie...a pretty cat, indeed. :)

    A storm hit here yesterday afternoon, but just a bit of noise, more than anything else; enough for Remy and Shama to retreat to their usual sanctuary when a storm hits...under the bed. We didn't get much rain out of the storm. I hope the one you got keeps the temps down.

    Have a good week, River...cuddles to Angel. When he starts asking for some pocket money so he can take his Sweetie out on a date, you might have to sit him down and give him "the talk"!! ;)

  3. Must have been rain everywhere last week always needed here in Australia.

  4. Hi River,

    My goodness, the rain sure accumulates in a flash. You have captured the ominous clouds and the aftermath, very well indeed.

    Thank you, River. Have a nice week ahead. Time to stare at those green eyes.

    Gary :)

  5. R Mac Wheeler; I think most of us love clouds for the shapes we can see in them.

    Joanne; not paving, just a thin layer of very fine gravel, but the dirt under that was really hard packed, although not hard enough to withstand such an onslaught.

    Grace; doesn't she! my cat has golden yellow eyes.

    Lee; Sweetie is pretty, but shy and she has fleas, which reminds me I need to buy more flea prevention treatment for Angel.
    I heard on the news there were storms in the east now, Melbourne and Sydney are supposed to be hardest hit. With luck it will be short-lived as ours was, with minimal damage.
    I'm not worried about giving Angel 'the talk', he's had 'the snip'.

    Merle; we do need rain everywhere, I just wish we could get it more often and spread out a bit so we don't get a year's worth in an hour.

    klahanie; flash floods are rare here, so I stood outside snapping away and hoping the camera didn't get wet.
    Those green eyes are lovely aren't they?

    1. I was only kidding about "the talk", River...I knew you'd had Angel snipped. :)

  6. I remember someone once being critical of someone caught in a flash flood, but that is why they are called flash floods, they happen in a flash. Do Sweetie and Angel actually play together?

  7. Andrew; you can't predict flash floods, so anyone caught in one can't be told it's their fault.
    I don't think Angel and Sweetie play, just hang around in the same area, lying in the shade and so on.

  8. We heard and saw all the flooding on TV of course. It is great to wish for rain but, as you say, you have to be careful with wishes.
    Seems the council will have plenty of work to do to tidy up after the downpour and I am sure others streets will have the same problem. At least no sign of any sink holes at all. We need rain but I'd sooner it arrived in lesser quantities over a longer time.
    Have been watching highlights of the Tour Down Under hoping to see parts of South Australia. Some of it is looking so dry (just like WA looks in summer) but it is interesting to see some of the roads and scenery. Pity is they put it on late at night and last night Channel 9 was running 25 minutes late so late to bed.
    All the best to you and Angel and that Sweetie is beautiful and does have fantastic green eyes. Glad Angel has a friend. That's nice.

  9. Interesting set of clouds to the build up of rain. What a mess that can make, but we need rain down here, so here's hoping.

  10. Mimsie; council? Ha Ha Ha! we're a small side street in the suburbs, that footpath won't get fixed for months. Maybe years. I'd prefer less rain at a time over a far longer period too.
    I haven't been watching the cyclists, but I did take some photos of Victoria Square where people congregated to watch on several giant TV screens. Then of course they all had to run for cover when the storm hit.

    Margaret-whiteangel; I love watching storm clouds building, the colours and patterns are constantly changing. I hope you get rain, but a more gentle, long lasting downpour.

  11. Sweetie is a beautiful girl, but I'm quite certain Angel is even more gorgeous.
    What a downpour! We don't often get downpours like that but I recall one when my twin and I were about fifteen, we watched (through the window) as part of the farm's dam was washed away and it quickly emptied. Amazing how quickly it happens.

  12. Jacquelineand.... sweetie is too shy to let me pat her and her coat isn't as soft as Angel's, but she is a lovely natured cat.
    The downpour was a bit of a surprise for this time of year, but nature has been a bit wacky for a couple of years now. I remember once being caught in one years ago when I was walking home from work. At first I tried to avoid puddles, but after a couple of blocks I just sloshed on through them, most were ankle deep, it took a whole week for my shoes to dry out :)


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