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Friday, September 30, 2011

you are NOT going to believe this

We all know Telstra right?

Much maligned by unhappy customers all over Australia?

Yep, that's them.

Well, today, I checked my mailbox and found this:-

From Telstra

A cheque.....

...a REFUND cheque!

How sweet is that??!!
Totally unexpected too.


  1. What is Telstra, never heard of it!?!??!

    Woo hoo for unexpected money!!!

  2. I got one recently from Telstra, too, after I had argued over the phone for hours about another letter that Said I was overdue. We had two separate accounts to the same address, and my cheque covered them together but they at Telstra could not reconcile the two.

    Bureaucracy gone mad, I say. Still a refund, even for as little as $12.35 is better than a bill.

  3. Well just take that money and buy a lottery ticket STRAIGHT AWAY! It's obviously your lucky day ...

  4. Your children will get an inheritance after all.

  5. Jennifer Kay; Telstra is one of our national telephone companies. They used to be the "only company in town", but in recent years a gazillion other companies have sprung up offering competetive deals.

    Elisabeth; I didn't spend any time at all on the phone with Telstra, I had no idea this was coming. I cancelled the account when I moved house and chose not to have a landline anymore since I use the mobile almost exclusively, this appears to be a refund of unused landline rental charges.

    Red nomad; a lottery ticket didn't even cross my mind! I've given up buying them, but maybe I should get one....

    Andrew; let's see now, divide it among the kids? (they'd get $3.087 each) Or buy a lottery ticket? Big decision time.

  6. Free money!!!! yippee.

  7. Delores; yippee indeed. When I saw the envelope I thought it was a final account. So pleased to see a cheque instead.

  8. How lovely. But Telstra being what they are, you may get a final account next week. Though I hope not.

  9. I've heard about these, but I thought it was just another urban legend!

  10. Brilliant! :)

    I got a refund of $14.52 from Telstra once. It took over 40 minutes on the phone to get it, but I wasn't letting them have my money!

  11. EC; I elected to get my phone bills monthly, so if there's a final account it won't be much, I hardly used the phone at all.

    Toni; I'm an urban legend!!

    Sleepydwarf; I didn't have to fight for this, I didn't even know it was coming!

  12. Cash it, and then ask for it back so that you can frame it!