decorating tip of the year

Raising the blinds fully on a sunny afternoon really highlights the dust on the TV screen.

Every. Single. Speck.

Just pops right out at you.


  1. When you look into a beam of sunlight and see all the dust and hairs etc floating in the air it makes you wonder how we manage to get enough oxygen into our lungs. It just doesn't seem to matter how often or how thoroughly you clean. It's still there.

  2. When the sunsets in the afternoon the same thing happens to me dust everywhere, i reckon its pure evil sent to test us :-).

  3. And dusting, particularly in a house shared with cats and other dust catchers, is not a gratifying form of housework. Sigh

  4. Delores; perhaps we should avoid natural sunlight?

    Windsmoke; you're right, dust is evil.

    EC; I try to avoid dusting, but maybe I should at least clean the TV screen now and again.

    Kelley; glad to hear you laughing. :)

  5. Can't believe I read this today. I have just flopped down on the couch having spent ALL morning getting rid of the dust. When I was making my daughter's bunk bed this morning (because she left in a hurry and forgot today) I saw the dust on top of her cupboards. Of course cleaning one cupboard turned into cleaning the tops of all of them and then going on a cleaning rampage throughout the house. The irony is I will have to do it again in a week won't I? *sigh*


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