weeding? maybe not...

Tomorrow is Sunday.
Last week I made a decision to do an hour of weeding in the front lawn each Sunday.

Last Thursday however, I was woken by the sound of a largish mowing machine making the rounds in the complex.

So my grass is now quite short and maybe I won't be able to see the weeds.

If they've grown enough that I can see the leaves, I'll do a bit of weeding, but if all I can see is green, well, I'll have a day off.
I'll just do  my usual Sunday stuff.

Nap, eat, nap some more.....maybe go for a walk.

Today, of course, I was supposed to go to the Plant and Craft Market, up at Fullarton Park, where the Library is.
It's held every fourth Saturday and I really was looking forward to seeing what it was all about.
But I'm sad to say I totally forgot about it and spent the day rearranging my lounge room furniture.
I've circled the next fourth Saturday in red, so I don't miss it.


  1. The Plant and Craft Market sounds fabulous. I am really looking forward to your photographic report.

  2. There used to be many Trash and Treasure markets open every saturday and sunday they were a good day out for everyone sadly not many are left because developers have built ugly apartment blocks on the sites :-).

  3. Oh I love that Fullarton Park market. I've got some great plants there in the past. Enjoy your weekend x

  4. I hate it when I forget something at happens only once a month like a market day, hope you are enjoying your day off - no weeding required.

  5. I mistook EC's "photographic report" for "pornographic report".

    Good heavens!- at the plant and craft market?

    RH!- back into the closet!!!

  6. EC; I've made a note in my diary to charge the camera battery the night before. Memory card is huge, so that won't be a problem. Just need to hope for good weather.

    Windsmoke; trash and treasure used to be a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, then they become a monthly event, twice a year, then a once a year big council sale type thing...I miss the old trash and treasure/car boot sales.

    Bigwords; I pleased to hear that it's worth going to. I'll save a few dollars to spend there next month.

    Trish; I don't mind forgetting so much as long as there's another opportunity.

    R.H. I would never do a pornographic report. I'd be too busy laughing!

  7. Thank goodness no weeding, but then to miss the plant and craft thing -- what a bummer. I do the same thing though. I think we get stuck in our routines sometimes.

  8. No weeding is a good thing...puttering around the house is a good thing...a little extra sleep is a great thing.


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