I'm only popping in for five minutes.....

....I have the headache from hell going on here.

Yesterday, I did a little work around the place, not much, bit of this, bit of that, rested often, took it easy.
Clearly I should have just rested all day instead.

Let's begin with the weather. Warm and breezy.
Very breezy.
Glue your hair to your head so it doesn't fly away breezy.

Perfect for drying sheets and towels.
I loaded up the washing machine, then went outside to clean off the old hills hoist.
Nobody ever cleans that thing, or even uses it.
There's two of them out there and on the smaller one I've occasionally seen some underpants big enough to double as a circus tent.
I removed all of the brittle old pegs, most of which fell apart in my hands, cleaned off the spiderwebs, wiped the wires twice. With disinfectant.
It was ready for my sheets.

While the washing machine did its thing, I got started on the weeds in the front lawn.
Now, I know there's too many for me to clear in one go, they've been growing rampant for years, much like the spiderwebs on the washing line.
So I did a few, the ones I know are prickles, then took a break, repeat until I'd cleared about a square metre. I'm going to make it a one-hour-on-Sundays job.

I hung the washing, in that lovely warm breeze, the one that was blowing pollens from all over the world right up my nose....then looked for something else to do. I wasn't going back to the weeds.

Decided to sweep about fifty years worth of spiderwebs and daddy-long-legs off the back porch just outside the gate where my back porch ends.  I also moved things inside my porch all up to one end, cleaned the empty space, then moved everything up to the clean end and cleaned the new empty space. And rearranged all the stuff again.

I was resting between jobs, drinking lots of water, taking it easy.

But I'd forgotten about.......the power of the pollen!.
I'd taken antihistamines........

9pm last night, the headache started, the aches set in, I had hot and cold shivers.
And I was coughing, that's unusual.
Took more antihistamine and some generic panadol/codeine mix. (wonderful stuff)
Went to bed as soon as "Bones" finished. (love that show)

Woke up this morning almost unable to move. Shoulders, thighs, hips, stiffened and in pain. (that'll teach me to pull weeds. :( 
Hot shower helped a bit with the stiffness.

My face was so puffy I couldn't open my left eye, the right eye only opened a slit.
Head pounding away like a jackhammer.

No way was I going to work!
Not going tomorrow either, since the head is still pounding. A bit less, but still pounding.
Damn! That means a trip to the Doc for a certificate!

I'm guessing the combination of pollens (that pesky jasmine was so very strong yesterday), dusty spiderwebs and weeds was just too much.

Well, at least I won't have to clean the washing line or back porch for a while.


  1. Oh poor River. I hope that head and your other aches and pains clear up quickly. I used to be in complete misery all pollen season until I had a course of desensitising injections. It worked wonders.
    And I am in awe about your cleaning on a day when you did 'a little work around the place, not much'. The work you described would have me bed bound for a week.

  2. Very breezy here, too River. Glue your hair to your head. Tie your washing down. Springtime storms.

  3. Good Lord you sound like you're in misery. Do you have any epsom salts? A good soak in the tub with those will sometimes help the aches and pains. Poor girl. Take care and I hope those symptoms pass quickly.

  4. Crap, hope you're better soon :(
    It's been blowing a gale here with pollen, dust and gawd-knows-what from the 100+yr old house demolition flying through the air, itchy nose and eyeballs for me.

    If you're ever stuck and can't get to the doctor most places accept a stat dec for sick days (but check with your pay office).

  5. Stay in Adelaide. Melbourne is one of the worst places in the world for pollen, especially rye grass pollen. Many Asian people here have not grown up with it and have no resistance to it at all. I grew out of hayfever by about 40. Maybe you will when you reach that age.

  6. I got stuck into the front garden after work on Thursday,two hours later called it a day, on Friday dragged myself to work and spent the weekend recovering. lol.

    Spring has sprung.

  7. Your life is frantic, can't keep still, you'd drive me nuts.

    Slow down, mind your business; public housing chums don't like their weeds and cobwebs interfered with.

  8. I reckon once the cool change arrives you'll recover real quick :-).

  9. That's a bummer about the headache. There's a lot of flu and colds going on around here all of a sudden and early in the season--they say due to the extreme changes, cold in the nights and mornings and hot in the afternoons. And, of course there is pollen galore. Feel better River!

  10. EC; I'm giving serious thought to desensitising injections. Or taking the entire month of September off work every year. For me, that was a "little" work. In years past I'd have done so much more.

    Elisabeth; no need to tie the washing down, I have strong pegs. The hair just blew every which way, I looked like a scarecrow!

    Delores; I have no tub for soaking in and I don't fit into the kitchen sink....but I put on the electric blanket and warmed the muscles while I slept.

    Jayne; I started feeling better as soon as the rain came down last night, it settles the pollens really fast. Still coughing though, must have got a lot into my lungs. Bought cough syrup this morning to help. Doc okayed it to use along with the inhaler. My pay office only accepts certificates from doctors. Luckily I was well enough to go this morning. I have the rest of the week off work though until the cough settles.

    Andrew; rye grass is another of my baddies, almost as bad as Jasmine, I suffered badly when we moved from Sydney to Melbourne in 1985. I'm glad you grew out of your hayfever, not many people do. I passed 40 many years ago.

    Frances; I used to do two hours at a time, then break for lunch and get back to it after. Now one hour is enough. I must be getting old....

    R.H. I always mind my own business, but those weeds are in front of *my* flat and the spiderwebs right up against *my* back porch. I'll continue to keep the washing line clean too. *They* can say or think whatever they like, I prefer my surroundings cleanish. Also, I CAN keep still, you should see me when I'm resting, a bulldozer wouldn't shift me.

    Windsmoke; I started feeling better as soon as the rain started and the dust and pollen settled.

    Towanda; thanks. There's a lot of colds and flu here too, so glad I didn't have that on top of the hayfever.

  11. Wow! You typed all that in FIVE MINUTES??

  12. Red Nomad; Ha Ha, you caught me. It probably took me ten or fifteen...


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