you start with a hanging rail....

...screw it to the wall...

 add a hanging shelf...

 it isn't solid, it has rungs, see?...

 hook on a few "S" hooks...

 fill it up....

 ta-da!! the corner is finished. And I now have a little more bench space.

I also bought this trivet for hot pots that need to be moved off the heat before they boil over.
With a gas stove, I wouldn't have to do that, just lower the flame and things stop boiling.
But electric hotplates take much longer to cool down. They really are most inefficient.

Of course one simply cannot leave Ikea without some of their yummy milk chocolate.

 and I bought hazelnut too.

A successful day in my book!


  1. The hanging shelf looks brilliant. And any day which includes chocolate can't be bad.

  2. Neat shelf and I like the trivet. Might have to get one of those.

  3. YAY!

    I have never been to IKEA and now I MUST!

  4. EC; I'm in love with it. And the chocolate is okay too.

    Andrew; They're not at all expensive.

    Kelley; Yes. Yes, you must. I command you.

  5. I LOVE IKEA. Their gadgets are so clever, and I just wish I had my own kitchen so I could put a few shelves and racks up.

  6. Toni; this isn't my own kitchen, I'm renting, but I got permission to put the dryer on the laundry wall, so went ahead with blinds in the blank windows and the kitchen rail too. I figured it would be okay since the last tenant got away with bird cages glued into the top-of-wardrobe cupboard. Why not ask your landlord if you can put up a shelf or three?

  7. Do you know I've never tried the IKEA plain chocolate (just the Daim thingies). What's it like?

    We have electric hot plates here too and I'm learning to check the knobs and then quickly touch them because a few plastic implements have melted already...

  8. I've always used electric and you are right, it is hard to adjust. Sometimes fast sometimes slow depending on hydro usage at the moment. Someday I would like to try cooking on gas.
    Absolutely love that shelf, so trim and efficient.

  9. The shelf look great. I would hate to have an electric stovetop (or hot water). I like knowing that even in a blackout I can have a hot shower or boil the kettle for a cup of tea.

  10. LOVE the shelf. I was going to say that your space across is juuust a little bigger than 55 cm but I guess you need another cm on each side to hang it and all.

    The cups there look great!

    Have you found that your heating system blows bird feathers and the like in? How is all that cleanup going?

  11. Bonza shelf. Everything is now in easy reach too and there's nothing like finishing off the day with chocolate Yummmmy :-).

  12. What a great solution. I love Ikea. Never tried their chocolate though, will have to add that to the list next time I go to the big blue store.

  13. I totally bought that bar too. I bought three little pots to hang from it in my craft room. I love that thing!


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