blooming lovely

Last Monday after cleaning my house, (which took about 5 minutes, it's pretty small), I noticed the roses in the front community yard were blooming. There's white ones, yellow ones, apricot ones, so naturally I went out and cut a few to put in my kitchen.

 Aren't they just beautiful?

From this picture you can see that my kitchen looks past the small entrance area straight out the front door.
I can see people coming and going without them seeing me.
Handy that.
If someone I don't want to see is coming to visit, I can shut the door, (while they're still on the footpath), and pretend not to be home.


  1. gorgeous roses!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful colours - here we're looking at the leaves beginning to fall, most flowers starting to wither and the rains arriving as autumn gets us ready for winter

  3. We're heading into rose season here, too River. One of my favourites, the scent, the colour and texture and the thorns.

  4. The apricot roses are beautiful.

  5. Just beautiful. Roses are a way off here, but hopefully we will have some beauties like those.

  6. peskypixies; they're scented too!

    Kath; you're ones of the "others" now, winter for our summer etc, and you'll have a white christmas!

    Elisabeth; I'm not a fan of the thorns, but I do like the scent of the old fashioned types.

    Andrew; They are large blooms too,bigger than a tennis ball.

    EC; Some of the bushes here haven't bloomed yet, I'm wondering what colours those are.

  7. They look beautiful.

    I love how you can see who is coming from your front door:)

  8. Wish I had an early warning system like that.

  9. They are gorgeous!! Really pretty. Perfect colours.

  10. Sarah; me too! I've become a people watcher while I wash my dishes.

    Delores; Perhaps you could set up some kind of mirror system between the road and your door.

    Melissa; they didn't last as long as I hoped. When I cut them they were already fully open, today they were drooping so very heavily and when I picked them out of the jar all the petals dropped off in a heap. But the scent was so lovely for the week I had them.

  11. LOL I didn't know you had that many unwanted guests that you had to do a lookout! Glad you are so happy at your new place! :)

  12. I love your neighborhood. Isn't it nice to have so many things in walking distance? I have a similar situation: parks, restaurants, art galleries -- and a new set of "taggers", apparently. (I saw your earlier post on graffiti - and I agree that it certainly can be art! - and I am sad to report that fairly new to my neighborhood are two new "taggers" -- no art, just their spray-painted nicknames. So tired of them already!)


  13. Happy Elf; unwanted guests are usually those with clipboards wanting to invite me into their church, or others wanting me to change my service provider, electricity, phone, whatever. Family is always welcome, friends too.

    Pearl; How awful to hear you have new taggers in your area. Let's hope they move on soon.


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