I have a complaint....

Recently, my friend Kirrily of  Sunny Side Up  wrote a little list of "complaints" she has about her job.
For instance why is she the only one who picks up that one item that everyone else just keeps stepping over or around?

I have a complaint of my own about my job.
I actually have many complaints but I won't bore you with them.
We all already know I would much prefer to stay home.


I am a checkout operator.

A checkout operator.

Not a bank teller.

We do not have unlimited funds in our tills.

When several customers in a row request extra cash out, we can get very short of money, leading to us giving change to the next few customers as a handful of $5's because we have no larger denominations left.
I once gave $20 as $2 coins....

I know they do this because a lot of EFTPOS transactions do not incur fees and they, the customers, prefer not to pay fees if they can avoid it.
Fair enough, I do too.

Requesting an extra $20 or $50 isn't too bad, we can handle that, even from several customers, but when 3 or 4 customers in a row request the maximum amount of cash, often we just don't have it.
(I've been known to tell them I just don't have that amount left and would they mind going to an ATM.)

It makes things a little awkward for us checkout operators, until the funds build up again, as people pay for their groceries with cash.

I know it's convenient to get a small amount of extra money while you are grocery shopping, I do it too sometimes, but for large amounts, I prefer to use a bank's ATM and wish other customers would too.

The store I work at is on a busy road with all banks represented by either a building or an "in mall" ATM.
All within 5 minutes walk.

Well, that's it. That's my complaint.
The End.


  1. Oops, I'm one of those. Sometimes the operator will say they don't have the funds and that's fine, I just get less. It's just so convenient to do it all in 1 transaction. What is the maximum amount allowed?

    Our local supermarket no longer offers cash out with purchases. You can use eftpos for the actual purchase but can't get any extra cash out. I know it's annoyed a lot of people. Maybe they were having the same trouble? (actually, from memory, they didn't want to pay the bank fees on the extra money).

    I think part of the problem is EFTPOS was promoted as a fee free way of banking. Now it isn't and you get charged on every transaction (depending on your account) so yes, people want to minimise their number of transactions.

  2. Sorry. That's me who does that! I usually get $50 at once but if I'm busy and have lots to do/pay, I'll sometimes get more. If they can't do it I have no problem though.

    Bank charges and totally to blame for this!

  3. Lightening; Maximum amount differs depending on which store you shop at i think; for example a Woolworths may be different to a Coles etc. I've heard of a few places no longer having cash out available and it is because the banks are wanting to charge the store a fee for this. I think that sucks, the banks charge fees for everything else and now this. Of course if it means fewer people taking out extra cash that would be good, but ONLY from a checkout point of view.

    Sarah, don't feel bad, $50 isn't so much and you certainly aren't the only one to take out much more. I'm just glad that all of you customers are so understanding and nice when we have to turn you down. We can get the extra, but it involves you waiting around for the supervisor to get it while I continue serving the line. That's an inconvenience especially if the super is also serving and can't do it right away.

  4. I've never taken advantage of the cash back feature. Being on a faily tight budget we allow ourselves a certain amount of cash weekly for things like coffee or a stamp..small things...when that's gone that's it!! No more til next week. I think the cash back option is dangerous in that it leads folks to withdraw and spend more than they should. Most purchases can be made by card which gives you an automatic record of the expense, most bills can be arranged to come right out of the bank or to be payed at the bank which also provides a record. Cash will soon become obsolete I hope.

  5. You said it yourself, dear River - there are no fees involved, so I can see why some people will get out a couple of hundred to see them through.

    ....if the stupid banks didn't charge fees on their ATMs, you wouldn't have your problem!

  6. I think it was about four years ago when I was getting cash out at a supermarket checkout, and I wondered, how long can this last? Surely there will come a day when more people want cash than there are those who pay by cash. It seems the time is getting near. Surely you are not telling us some customers get annoyed because there is not enough cash in the till?

  7. I do it too, but sorry (!) - I'm not apologising for doing it! Your gripe is with the banks/credit unions/building societies who are deliberately moving transaction costs elsewhere by charging higher amounts for using ATMs than for EFTPOS. As a customer I have no control over this, but I'm not going to pay excess transaction fees if I can help it. That said, if you don't have the cash, you don't have it - and as a customer I'd suck that up too!!

  8. Hi River,

    You'll be pleased to know that I get my cash from ATMs - but most of them don't charge so it's no big deal.




  9. Don't use eftpos or atms anymore since those skimmers and scammers were ripping off bank accounts by using cameras to steal your pin number its just not secure enough anymore :-).

  10. I only get small amounts out with the shopping so I won't be incurring your wrath :P

  11. Delores; I still like cash, I take out from the ATM the amount I'll need for the week and use it carefully. Once it's gone, that's it until next week. If I have any left over, it goes into savings.

    Kath; Exactly. ATM's shouldn't have fees in my opinion. of course that could lead to yet another problem. ATM's also running out of cash. I think we're in a no win situation.

    Andrew; so far no one at my checkout has ever become annoyed and I don't think any other checkout operator has experienced annoyance either. Customers seem to accept the situation quite well.

    Red Nomad; Of course you needen't apologise, the banks and their fees are where the problem lies. And if I have the cash available, I'll hand it over happily.

    Plasman; I use the ATM's too, very rarely getting cash from a checkout. My type of account, (concession) allows me a certain number of fee free transactions, and I'm always able to stay within those limits by taking out enough at once to last almost a fortnight, unless some unexpected cost arises.

    Windsmoke; I'm aware of the skimmer/scammer problems, but I still use the ATM's, mostly the one in the wall of my own bank.

    Jayne; It isn't the customers I'm angry at, I don't think, it's more the fact that many people seem to think we have unlimited funds, now I think I've confused myself. I certainly hope I haven't offended anybody.

  12. P.S. (ALL), of course it is a very convenient way to get a little extra cash, and we ARE supposed to ask people if they require any extra money.....


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