not a REAL anniversary

but close enough.

Yesterday was the four week anniversary of my moving in here.

Yes, folks, I have been here now for one whole month.
Not a calendar month, unless it's February, but a month just the same.
It seems like much longer.
I'm so used to the place, I could have been here much longer.

I unpacked quickly, got things sorted and settled in.
But there is still some tweaking to be done.
Some rearranging.
Some things that don't really belong in their current locations.

This morning I woke up early, (in spite of going to bed after midnight), and as I lay there arguing with myself over whether I should get up or just stay snuggled under the quilt, my blender came to mind.
I knew exactly where it was, I knew it was still in its box, taking up a lot more room than it would if I got rid of the packaging.
So I lay there nice and warm, while in my mind several kitchen cabinets rearranged themselves.
Once the mind had done its work, I got up to do my bit.
Unpacked the blender, shifted things around the way my mind had decided, and it all fit into place nicely.

I still need a shelf to put into "that" cupboard, (the one that should be there is missing), and I'd like another hanging rail above the last one I put in.

But it was easy work, my mind had done most of it.

Now if only my mind would come up with a solution for the back porch!
There is so much stuff out there that needs to be gone, (things that belong to other people) or moved inside, so that I can eventually use the back porch as a place to sit in the summer heat.

At least next garbage collection day the moving boxes will all finally be gone.


  1. Wow. That anniversary came up quickly. It seems to me like only five minutes ago that you were moving. And I am still super impressed at how fast you got unpacked and settled. I hope the final details fall into place quickly.

  2. I'd be giving the people who own the things that are cluttering your porch a deadline! A REALLY SOON deadline!!

  3. EC; it's really only the back porch now, and that missing shelf which I'll have to buy soon, to stack my frypans on so they're out of the oven.

    Red Nomad; the girl who owns two of the items was supposed to pick them up yesterday, plus two boxes of things for Goodwill. At least I thought she was, maybe she meant next Friday....

  4. Time flies when your busy having fun. I was still unpacking plastic bags full of stuff two years after i'd moved into my place, so you've done really well :-).

  5. You have done an amazing job getting set up. I know how it is. I can't live in disorganization either. Shouldn't your landlord be replacing that missing shelf? I'm glad it is feeling like home to you already. You must be extremely adaptable.

  6. Windsmoke; I had boxes once at a previous move that I hadn't unpacked the whole time I was in that house. I sent them straight to goodwill and have used that method of decluttering ever since. After all, if I haven't opened those boxes or even wondered what was in them for 5 years, then clearly I do not need that stuff.

    Delores; disorganisation is the bane of my life. I NEED to know where things are and to be able to lay my hands on anything at all within a few minutes of wanting it.

  7. And that's the way it's done, isn't it?! The mind does the work first, and then the body gets in on it!

    I've moved many many times. Unpacking is one of my favorite things.

    As for the people who have stuff at your house? Time's up! Hope they are reasonable folk who understand that you need to make this place/space your own.

    (And I am still fascinated by the fact that for you, summer is coming, while I, ever so much further north, watch the temperature drop, drop, drop -- and it's absolutely amazing how much the temperature can drop in Minneapolis...)



  8. WOW.... You are a swifty. All settled in snug and cozy and ready to pop the champagne cork on the first anniversary. Now if you could just sit on that back porch and drink it. :)

  9. That's a huge effort to be that organised and feel at home in four weeks. I like the idea of lying in bed mentally doing your planning and unpacking - I often do that when I'm suffering insomnia, or try to imagine all the other bedrooms I've slept in over the years and where the door, window, furniture was etc.


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